Latest Coronavirus: Moderna joins Pfizer to reveal reduced impact of Covid-19 vaccine


Los Angeles County plans to expand its proof of Covid-19 vaccination requirements for indoor venues such as bars and night clubs and outdoor “mega events” such as concerts and sporting games.

The most populous county in the United States will issue a revised health order with requirements later this week, county public health officer Barbara Ferrer said Wednesday.

With this order, all customers and employees in the indoor areas of bars, breweries, night clubs and wineries will be vaccinated with at least one Covid-19 vaccine by October 7th and by November 4th. You need to get a second vaccination.

A restaurant is highly recommended, but not required, to confirm vaccinations for individuals who patronize or work in the indoor part of the facility. According to Feller, activities such as singing and dancing at the bar tend to be at higher risk of virus infection than sitting down, so the order was targeted to the “bar” without the restaurant’s permission. It was a thing.

“This is a rational way forward that positions us so that we can better break the cycle of spikes,” Feller said at a meeting of the county oversight board.

The updated health order also tightens the limits for outdoor mega-events, which are defined as attending more than 10,000 people. Beginning October 7, all participants, employees, and participants of these events will be required to present a proof or negative test of Covid-19 vaccination given 72 hours prior to the event.

The requirements apply to equipment from top teams in the city, such as the Los Angeles Dodgers for baseball and the Rams and Chargers for American football, and theme parks, such as Universal Studios Hollywood.

In April, LA County published a mega-event Maskman Date. More than 5,000 indoor mega-event participants must show evidence of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test.

New Orleans, New York City, and San Francisco are other U.S. countries with similar requirements to show evidence of vaccination for admission to patrons and employees of other indoor venues such as bars, nightclubs, gyms and restaurants. Located in the city.

Latest Coronavirus: Moderna joins Pfizer to reveal reduced impact of Covid-19 vaccine

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