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    LAPD Stops Requesting Private Social Security Numbers After Repulsion | Los Angeles

    NS Los Angeles The Police Department (LAPD) issued a social security number for civilian officers after migrant advocates expressed concern about possible violations of sanctuary law aimed at protecting undocumented residents. Moved to end the required practice.

    Parents Reported last week Regarding internal documents showing that the LAPD had instructed police officers to collect civilian social security numbers via a “field interview card.” Police fill in after stopping or asking someone, including unarrested civilians.

    A copy of the card obtained through public records Request from the Brennan Center for JusticeFurther indicated that he advised police officers to inform interviewees that they “need to provide” their Social Security numbers under federal law. However, experts said there was no law requiring local police to disclose this in everyday encounters.

    Friday afternoon, LAPD release Proposed policy revision and redesigned field interview card. This will remove the Social Security Number section. The new policy states that the Social Security number must not be requested or recorded on the card by the interviewed subject or witness.

    Some undocumented immigrants lacked a Social Security number, and supporters were concerned that the request could be seen as an officer asking citizens for their immigration status.

    The new field card policy, which will be discussed at the police committee on Tuesday, also states that officers “unless special circumstances require it, ask victims, witnesses, or temporarily detained persons for their place of birth. It must not be. ” In order To investigate criminal offenses. “

    The LAPD said the policy update was in line with a recommendation from the Inspector General’s office last year that the ministry should remove social security issues. The Inspector General also expressed concern about documenting the gang’s affiliation on the card.The prosecutor Blame multiple cops Mislabeling people as gang members of the card.

    The LAPD also said it would remove the “gang” section of the card.

    The policy document released on Friday was dated August 19, but the LAPD released a copy of the card containing social security information last week. The department did not immediately respond to inquiries about this.

    Brennan Center records also revealed that police used field interview cards to request personal social media information, raising privacy and surveillance concerns. Notes obtained by nonprofits indicate that police officers have added social media to their cards because their accounts or usernames “may be very helpful in investigating.”

    After the Guardian’s recent report, the LAPD statement Defending the card, “Social media handles can be important contact information.” In a policy update on Friday, the LAPD said it maintained the social media section, but in response. Did not deal with it.

    LAPD Stops Requesting Private Social Security Numbers After Repulsion | Los Angeles

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