Lala Kent: All of My Friends Knew Randall Emmett Was Cheating and NO ONE Told Me!


It dates back to October 2021. Lala Kent has canceled her engagement with Randall EmmetAnd the news may have been amazing, but sadly the reason for the dissolution wasn’t.

Emmet was fooling Kent, And injured Lara shared her shock and disgust with fans through social media and her popular podcast.

However, Lara may have been distracted by Rand’s unfaithfulness, but she was the only one who did not see this situation coming.

After all, Emmet has a long history of unfaithfulness-and it seems that all of Lara’s friends knew he was sleeping.

Kent opened about splits during this week Vander pump rules Season 9 reunion episode.

At one point she yelled at her friend angry because she didn’t tell her about various rumors and warning signs about Randall.

However, Lara may not have the legs to stand here, as the rest of the cast pointed out that she did not accept criticisms or speculations about “her man” during their relationship. ..

Randall Emmet and LaLa

“I’ve heard rumors. Lara, you didn’t want to know these things, and you didn’t want to mention anyone about your personal life,” Tom Sandoval said at one point. I did.

“That’s true, we were never allowed to talk about him,” she added, adding that she thought Randall was “a good man.”

Asked by host Andy Cohen what kind of rumors he heard about Emmet, Sandoval provided details while allowing certain parties to remain anonymous.


“Someone you know, I don’t mention his name, his brother works with someone they are best friends … but Randall apparently hit this person.” Said Tom.

“But I have no evidence.”

“I heard sexual rumors. A hotel room, girls get together. I saw him buy a drink with two of the hottest girls who set foot in Sur,” James Kennedy said. It rang.

Lara and Randall

“By the way, at this point the baby was already born. It was nice to touch at the bar. I wondered,” What the hell is that? “” Is there anyone who doesn’t see Randall? ” “

By this time, Lara was furious at the idea that her friend knew about her ex-unfaithfulness, but said nothing.

“No one has ever come to me and said,’This is what your man is doing,’” she said.

Lala Kent and Randall Emmet together

“Is Randall Emmet sneaking up on me? It should have caught my attention.”

When asked what ultimately warned her of the fact that something was happening, Lara elaborated on Randall’s suspicious behavior.

“Randall was never at home and always said he was involved in work. He was always on the phone. He didn’t hang up and I hadn’t registered it yet. “She said. ..

Lala Kent and Randall Emmet in 2019

Kent says she continued to deny until co-star Kate Maloney informed her of a photo of Randall with two young women.

“I just got the biggest hole in my stomach. I knew Randall wasn’t the one I thought,” Kent recalled in tears.

“I thought he knew he was loyal to me. That’s all I wanted, because I knew how much a man was, I could trust him, and I know he’s not dating me, “she continued.

Lala Kent and Randall Emmet Pic

“I’m sick of the fact that this guy knew what he was doing and made me feel safe enough to take my child to this world.”

Insulting the injury is the fact that Lara is a little hypocrite in these conversations.

For starters, Emmet was married to another woman when Kent started sleeping with him-and she didn’t seem to be bothered by the situation at all.

Lala Kent and Randall

What’s more, Lara had previously accused Raquel Levis of being “stupid” for ignoring rumors of cheating about James Kennedy.

“I hadn’t heard any rumors about Randall or any other woman, but I heard the news that Lara left him just because she knew Lara when she was looking at Randall as a mistress. I wasn’t surprised, “he said.

“And history seemed to repeat itself.”

Lala Kent and Randall Emmet as a couple

Kent argued ignorance of the rest of the matter, claiming that early in their relationship he thought Emmet’s marriage was over, even if he wasn’t legally divorced.

“Let me get rid of this right away. When I met Randall, he said he broke up. We went straight for two months, but never came back. For months. Won’t you come back? “Kent said.

“I just saw a successful marriage and didn’t know that people were rolling that way,” she added.

Lara is wearing a crown

“We were always traveling and he always came to my place. I didn’t put the two together.”

Lara is colliding with Dead beat daddy block day beads For months, of course, the fiancée of Scheana’s trash bag seized this opportunity to kick Kent while she was down:

“I didn’t have to combine the two, and then I got the Range Rover,” Brock intervened.

Scheana Shay and Brock Davies together

“This lifestyle is great, but it looks like it from the outside and many people can see it.”

Kent closed the segment by saying he was calm and tired of Emmet’s behavior, saying he didn’t regret the relationship he had given his daughter.

“I think Randall has had a double life for a very long time, and I believe Randall will not stop anything to keep his double life unexposed,” she says. I did.

Randall Emmett, Ambyr Childers

“When I found out that things weren’t what they looked like-by the way, I’m still finding things from that time-I thought life wasn’t a cookie cutter, we were soulmates, we fell. I loved him and, of course, he didn’t want me to do this. “

Kent added that she was still sober After years of fighting alcoholism, she didn’t want to fall out of the wagon.

“I’m proud that I’ve never been more drunk than I am now,” she said.

I hope I will do my best for her continued recovery.

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