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    Kyle Rittenhouse was not convicted. Because in America, white reasoning sets the rules.Michael Harriot

    NSBefore sending a jury in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Kyle Rittenhouse Judge Bruce Schroeder told the murderer, a carefully selected jury at Rittenhaus, that his fate rested on the “privilege” of self-defense.

    Now you know what the jury has decided.

    Neither side agreed to shoot 18-year-old Anthony M. Hoover, Joseph Frozenbaum, and Gaiji Großkreutz. They disagree that the Smith & Wesson M & P15 is a dangerous weapon. However, Under the Wisconsin Self-Defense Act The Rittenhouse was allowed to use deadly forces if it “reasonably believed” that it needed to prevent its death, even if it caused the August 25 attack. Even though he traveled to the city and entered a chaotic scene with a killing machine.

    “If you make a mistake, your beliefs may be rational.” I read the jury’s instructions.. “The criteria for determining whether a defendant’s beliefs are rational would have been that someone with ordinate intelligence and prudence would have believed in the defendant’s position.”

    Before the former Kenosha City Councilman Kevin Mathewson He summoned “a patriot who is willing to take weapons and protect our city from evil thugs,” but no one died during the mayhem in his city. No one was shot before Rittenhaus killed two and injured the other. So why believe that Rittenhouse needs a murder machine to protect himself from the “evil thugs” who aren’t shooting or killing people?

    The “reasonable person” test is “Krapam omnibus man– Reasonably Educated, but average, fictitious passengers on London bus routes. That thought and action is defined as “ordinary.”US Supreme Court Proceedings Graham vs. Connor This concept was enshrined in the law.Why police are often acquitted of killing unarmed civilians They are “reasonable” police officers Would have used deadly power, Even if the officer is wrong And the victims are not armed. When I first heard this principle, the first thing I thought was that “white people came up with it.”

    “Reasonable” is a subjective concept, as all our opinions are shaped and colored by our experience. Only the perception of whites becomes a reality and everyone else has to obey.Think about how much privilege you need for them The feeling that it will be the actual law that governs the behavior of people everywhere.

    There is no doubt about the value of the white life that Rittenhouse sniffed, but there is no doubt that Rittenhouse was challenging one of the scariest and most dangerous situations that those white juries could imagine: Black Lives.・ Matter’s protest. For the Rittenhouse and the jury, it’s easy to see that the victims were part of the horrifying mob of “evil thugs.”

    In America, it is reasonable to believe that blacks are scary.

    Understanding the innate fear of blackness embedded in the American spirit does not require legal scholarships or judge explanations. This belief shapes public perception, politics, and the entire criminal justice system. And that is certainly a privilege given only to whiteness.

    researcher It turns out that Americans perceive black men to be larger, stronger, and more threatening than white men of the same size. 2016 paper It turns out that the black boy is perceived by police officers as “not innocent” older.As a black girl 5 years old Older than white girls, they are considered innocent and aggressive. In real life 35% of gang members Black people, but in Hollywood, 65% of the roles called “gangsters” Played by a black actor..

    The idea of ​​”scary blacks” is manifested in all areas of the US criminal justice system. That’s why police are likely to stop black drivers, though. Analysis of the largest police data in the history of the world – White drivers are more likely to have illegal smuggled goods.That’s why unarmed blacks are killed by police officers. Three times as many as whitesDespite most of the police dead on duty Committed by white men.. After managing factors such as education, weapon possession, and previous criminal record, US Sentence Commission Found The federal judge has sentenced black men to an average of 20% longer imprisonment than white men in similar situations.

    that’s why 5,000 people Responded to Matthewson’s Facebook call.So police officer Rusten Sheskey has not been charged with a crime Shot Jacob Blake seven times behind and sideways.Blake’s pocket knife made Shesky afraid of his life, but Rittenhaus was allowed to do so. Former Waltz Officer From the same police station having a killing machine during a chaotic protest. They did not see teenagers with guns as a threat. He is not black. He wasn’t scared.

    Its privileged loophole extends beyond the Wisconsin border. It is on display at the trial of the men who killed Amado Arbury in Brunswick, Georgia.Improvised Lynch mob hunted down Arberry based on 1863 law This allows citizens to arrest anyone on the basis of “reasonable reasons for suspicion.” Mentioned by Professor Joseph Margaries of Cornell University As “Catch and Fugitive Slave Law”. This explains how the court can only sit one black jury in the county. 26.6% black..

    Knowing how this belief shaped the reality of all blacks in America explains why whites are the only group they don’t think of. “It is good for society to pay attention to the history of slavery and racism.”.. It makes sense to think that black history is as scary as the people in it. When they detain black suspects, it is reasonable to assume that police are afraid of their lives. It is reasonable for conservatives to think that if black voters are not systematically oppressed, they will upset political equilibrium.And yes, of Kyle Rittenhouse White jury It will give him the privilege of self-defense.

    The Rittenhaus verdict is evidence that it is reasonable to believe that fear of blacks can save whites from all crimes.

    Kyle Rittenhouse was not convicted. Because in America, white reasoning sets the rules.Michael Harriot

    Source link Kyle Rittenhouse was not convicted. Because in America, white reasoning sets the rules.Michael Harriot

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