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    Kyle Rittenhouse Prosecutors Take Off Their Prosecution: NPR

    Kyle Rittenhouse returned to court after a break during a trial at the Kenosha County Courthouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on November 9, 2021.

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    Pool / Getty Images

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    Kyle Rittenhouse returned to court after a break during a trial at the Kenosha County Courthouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on November 9, 2021.

    Pool / Getty Images

    The prosecution withdrew the case in Kyle Rittenhouse’s attempted murder, which was charged with two murders and another attempted murder during a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year.

    The 18-year-old Rittenhaus shot dead Joseph Frozenbaum (36) and Anthony Hoover (26) during a protest of racial justice on the night of August 25, 2020, injuring Gaiji Grosskreutz.

    Legal experts say the outcome of the case could ultimately result in how well the prosecution conducted the central debate.

    Jessa Nicholson Getz, Madison’s private defense lawyer who represented Rittenhouse for nine days before leaving the case in September 2020, said the prosecutor did not make the case too strong.

    “I’m the only lawyer, but in my view it’s not particularly good,” she told NPR.

    Now that the trial has moved to the Rittenhouse defense team, here are three important moments from the prosecution’s case, which may prove important.

    Witnesses testify that one of the victims got a Rittenhouse gun

    Richard McGinnis, video producer of the right-wing news site The Daily Caller, testimony I saw one of the victims reaching for the Rittenhouse gun before being shot.

    McGinnis said he saw Rosenbaum rush into the Rifle of the Rittenhouse. At that point, the Rittenhouse fired four times. The video evidence of the encounter between Rittenhaus and Rosenbaum is sparse, which is why McGinnis’ testimony is crucial.

    Kinosha District Attorney Thomas Binger suggested that when McGinnis rushed towards the Rittenhaus, there was no way to know what Rosenbaum was trying to do.

    But McGinnis replied, “Well, he said’f *** you’and got the weapon.”

    In the opening statement, Binger also admitted that Rosenbaum was “excited” and “appearing on people’s faces” on the night of the protest. But he tried to emphasize an important difference — only Rittenhaus responded with a deadly force that night.

    The only survivor testified that he raised his gun towards the Rittenhouse

    Grosskreutz, the only surviving victim of the incident, I took the stand For the prosecution, he explained what happened the moment before he was shot.

    However, Nicholson Getz said the prosecutor did not say during the cross-examination that Grosskreutz did not tell police that he was carrying a Glock pistol at the time.

    Grosskreutz, a trained doctor, testified that he ran towards the sound when he heard the ammunition that killed Rosenbaum.

    As Grosskreutz approached, Rittenhouse faced Anthony Huber. Anthony Huber hit him on a skateboard. After that, Rittenhaus shot and killed Hoover.

    Grosskreutz told his lawyer that he was raising his gun and approaching the Rittenhouse the moment he was fired. He said he had intentionally not pointed his weapon at the Rittenhouse.

    “I have never tried to kill the defendant,” he testified. He said he was “ready” when he felt it was necessary, rather than pulling the gun “with a clear intention to use it.”

    “The prosecution chose to adopt the most favorable version of its direct inspection. He was, of course, the injured who survived here, so he was able to perform a slightly unconvincing direct inspection. Sometimes a star witness. [examination] But it explains all the minefields the defense was trying to cause. “

    Conflict between Hoover and Rittenhaus

    Previously, in the opening statement, the defendant’s lawyer Mark Richards seized In a showdown between Hoover and Rittenhaus, Hoover said he skateboarded at his client to “get his head off.” The prosecutor objected, but the judge rejected it.

    Craig Mastantuono, Professor of Law, Marquette University, I told NPR earlier It is likely that pretrial publicity about the case made the state’s claim difficult, but prosecutors were able to cast reasonable doubt on Rittenhouse’s allegations of self-defense.

    “The prosecution did a pretty decent job of contrasting Mr. Rittenhaus with everyone else at these events, repeatedly saying that he was the only one who killed people, and putting some context on it.” Mr. Mustantuono said.

    Kyle Rittenhouse Prosecutors Take Off Their Prosecution: NPR

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