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January 6, 2022 10:10 pm EST

“And just like that …” Actress Christine David admitted that aging was “stress” when she returned to her role as Charlotte York on television.

Kristin Davis Will be 57 next month. In a new interview, she revealed the types of anxiety about aging. Especially about returning to the characters who played at different times for 24 years. “Also, aging and being compared to your far, much, much younger self can be very stressful.” And like that … Stars mentioned in NewBeauty Cover story. “If I live a normal life, I’ll be fine. It feels good! I’m healthy, strong, and have this 3-year-old little son. Take him, that’s all good. But No, I’m on TV. It’s analyzed. “

Emmy nominees continued to share that it was always “stressed and difficult” because she thought she was “great” early on. Sex and the City A day even when she wasn’t so thin at the time. “Personally, I have a bad day. There is a day when I literally want to put my face in an ice bowl. Joan Crawford“The TV star admitted.

Kristin Davis, NY, NY, “And Just Like That” Premiere (Andrew H. Walker / Shutterstock) in December 2021.

Christine continued.[Creator Michael Patrick King] “Listen, none of us are trying to look like before.” Charlotte has the same style as before, but is now 55 years old and was treated in the first episode. .. This is a continuous story. She went on to explain how she still finds many other positive things about aging. “Several [things] There are other things that are great, like wisdom, grounded feelings, life experiences, and those great things, but also stressful. “

The two mothers also talked about the “extreme physical stress” she felt, even when she was young. “I grew up feeling anxious about my body. I don’t know why, but I understand. A long time ago, when I started shooting, I went home from the set and stopped by Bodega on the corner to relieve stress. I bought an indispensable M & M. I’m going to pay, and the lady behind the register said, “I can’t sell these to you. She was going to say it was a joke. But that wasn’t the case, so I left that bodega and went to the next bodega under the block, bought four large M & M bags and ate them all. “

Kristin Davis
Kristin Davis (Steve Sands / NewYorkNewswire / Bauer-Griffin / Shutterstock) on the set “And Just Like That …”.
Interview with NewBeauty This isn’t the first time she’s aware of her appearance at the age of 56.of Interview on December 12th When The Sunday Times Style magazine She shared how she felt “shocked” and “angry” about her and her online comments about her co-stars. Sarah Jessica Parker, 56, and Cynthia Nixon, 55, look today. “Everyone wants to comment on our hair and face, whether they agree or disagree,” she told the outlet. “The level of strength of it was a shock.”

Kristin Davis admits “stress beyond aging” and “and so” – Hollywood Life

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