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    Kody Brown Demands Loyalty from Sister Wives: Show Me Some Respect, Dammit!


    Kody Brown is absolutely and overall the worst.

    After watching the latest episode of Sister Wai, I don’t know how viewers will feel the other reactions.

    On Sunday night, the TLC reality show returned fans to Thanksgiving 2020 as Browns acted like a family because of Kodi’s rigorous and demanding COVID-19 protocol.

    As previously documented on this website, Kodi asked Meri, Janel, Christine, and Robin to disinfect. every day Among the other guidelines that surprised these spouses, the item before bringing it into their home.

    Because I’m reluctant to follow all the rules on Kodi’s list Family spent vacation Two years ago, when Season 16 was filmed.

    And this is where the latest episode was featured.

    Christine and Janel

    “COVID is very burdensome to my family. Everyone at this table felt very easy about my COVID rules,” Kody added in a confession.

    “Contrast is one of the things that really made me aware of those who were loyal to me and those who weren’t.”

    Oh, that’s right.

    Who Faithful to me. It’s exactly the way a beloved husband usually talks and thinks.

    Kody Brown is crazy

    “I think it’s as respectful as loyalty,” Kodi continued during the Sunday episode.

    “The way you love a person is to respect him. So I sit here and just thank where I am and who is with me.”

    Fast-forwarding about a year after the scene was filmed, Christine finally revealed (due to her immeasurable achievement) that she wasn’t with Kodi.

    Finally tired of all his egocentric but crap, Christine announced on November 2nd She left her husband more than 20 years later in multiple (disastrous) marriages.

    Christine and Kody Brown Talk

    Thankfully, Janelle wasn’t bothered by the implication that she somehow betrayed her husband by visiting her family in Utah for Thanksgiving.

    “There is all this debate about loyalty and respect, and I thought they were mutual in marriage,” she explained.

    “Not only did all the respect and all the loyalty flow to one person, but I thought you were supposed to give it both ways.”

    Yes, Janel. This is accurate.

    Angry Janel Brown

    Janelle went on to reveal that she only went to Utah because she felt she couldn’t meet Kodi’s COVID requirements because she didn’t do anything.

    “I didn’t choose not to be with the kids of Kodi, Meri, Robin and Robin,” Janel said in a confession interview. “We never fully comply with their rules.”

    As part of her, Christine enjoyed a little Thanksgiving and said it was “nice.”

    She spent the opportunity with her, Kodi’s eldest daughter Aspin, and her husband Mitch Thompson.

    Christine on Air

    “It was cozy and there was no drama,” she said during the installment payment. “It was really, really great.”

    But what about Meri?

    She was distraught.

    She interrupted the broadcast and said the entire setup was not the way she imagined her life as a member of a polygamy family.

    Meri brown in yellow costume

    “This is not how the family should be run,” Meri said. “Listen, I’m dissatisfied with COVID. I’m dissatisfied with being alone [at my home].. Idiot “

    Later, Meri added that how different members of the Browns did different ways for Thanksgiving:

    “The conversation the other day made me so sad. It was as if we weren’t a family. Everyone is ready to do their own thing for the holidays.

    “This isn’t the family I applied for. I was sitting there in the conversation, so it didn’t look like everyone wanted it.”

    Meri Brown Sister Wai

    Finally, Meri confessed she was a complete exile.. And that’s the worst.

    “That’s this strange thing,” she told the camera before quoting a non-romantic relationship with Kodi.

    “I’m a sister wife when I don’t have a husband? Technically I have a husband, do I do that?

    “That’s strange.”

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