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    Kim Kardashian’s Parody Courtney & Travis Barker-Video-Hollywood Life

    Kim Kardashian nailed his sister Courtney’s personality with this sketch as he tried to resolve the battle between Kim and Chloe, who made the second cameo!

    After years of spoofing Keep up with the turmoil of the Kardashian family, Saturday night live Finally welcome Kim Kardashian, 40, to Studio 8H. The founder of SKIMS became her sister Kourtney Kardashian, 42, as Push The founder became a judge for a reality series called “The People’s Korea”.

    “See her making good use of her judgment to solve family problems,” said the announcer, as fans have seen Courtney over the years. I read Kim with a moody face. “Order, order at Courtney! I’m good at this,” said Kim, who was equipped with a coat (wearing a Met Gala face cover outfit). Chloe Kardashian, 37.

    Kim Kardashian disguised her sister Courtney and her boyfriend Travis Barker in “SNL”. (NBC)

    “Kim stole my make-up artist,” Chloe insisted. “You are wearing a Met Gala outfit. No one can see your face! Oh, you have a very evil floor … the next time you need to use the toilet, I won’t help you, okurr?? Chloe declared to his sister.

    The announcer then returned for more talk about Kim’s judge Courtney. “She doesn’t play her favorite, and most of the time she just doesn’t care,” he revealed. Wow. next? Chris, 65, was suing her young daughter Kendall, 25, (player Halsey) When Kylie, 24 (not really her). “I’m suing Kylie because Kylie hasn’t given birth yet. We have an entire marketing and public relations plan and she’s spending money on us,” explained Chris. “Mom, I can’t grow it faster,” fake Kylie argued. “Yes, you can-I had Chloe. I made her in four months. Do Keegle exercises and use your vagina!” Chris equipped.

    “And mom, why are you suing Kendal?” Kim’s coat asked. “I’m suing Kendal because she has no drama at all!” Chris replied. Undoubtedly, Kendal keeps her personal life and relationships away from the media compared to her sisters. “She doesn’t cause drama, which is hurting our brand,” continued momager.

    “Well, this is terrible-guilty!” Kim’s coat declared unclear. Who I was guilty. “Which is guilty, me, mom or Kylie?” Halsey’s Kendal asked. “I don’t care, you choose,” Kim’s coat said.Courtney’s boyfriend Travis Barker Kim’s coat was packed into the PDA with him for a short interlude, so the sketch wasn’t off limits. finally, Chris Red‘NS Kanye West He appeared to announce that he was suing Kim in a tweet. “Well, I’m suing Kim, because people always come after me about what I tweeted, but she haaacked Kanye claimed to be wearing the Yeezy GAP jacket in red.A tweet about Persian rugs and play issues turned out Evil It was By Kanye — he had made a fuss until then.

    KarJenner’s reality show was first spoofed in 2009, so it’s fun to watch KarJenner in real life.Former cast member Nasim Pedrad Over the years, I’ve been playing Kim 13 times in different segments!

    Kim and her family, sisters Courtney, Chloe, Rob, 34, Kendall,twenty five, Kylie, 24, and the inventor behind it, mom Chris, 65, Wrapped keep working on it Earlier this year After E’s 20 milestone season! “It’s heartfelt to say goodbye to us. Keep up with the turmoil of the Kardashian family.. After 14 years, 20 seasons, hundreds of episodes, and a few spin-off shows, we decided to end this special journey as a family, “the family said in a statement in September 2020. ..

    “We are grateful to all who have seen us during these all years through good times, bad times, happiness, tears, and many relationships and children. I will forever cherish the wonderful memories I have met and the countless people I have met, “they write.

    The family announced that they are creating a new series Disney-owned streamer HuluHowever, shooting has already started. The format of the show hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s probably similar to what fans already know. In recent weeks, Kar Jenners has been found filming at the Armenian restaurant Carousel. This seems to commemorate the anniversary of the death of his deceased father. Robert Kardashian Senior — And shooting around New York City.

    Kim Kardashian’s Parody Courtney & Travis Barker-Video-Hollywood Life

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