Kim Kardashian Makes It Official: My Marriage is O-V-E-R!


Kim Kardashian will never come back with Kanye West.

This is not just our opinion.

This isn’t just the uncontrollable remarks made by reality stars on social media these days.

This is currently Kardashian’s official and legal position.

Kim, of course, submitted in February 2021 to split the West.

Perhaps Kanye never got a very strong hint, and since then he has stated in many public places that he wants to reconcile with his wife, so Kim submitted a new document last Friday.

that is straight away Recover her marriage status Single, leaving property settlement and storage issues for the next day.

Simply put, the goal of this filing is to speed up the dissolution of her union.

Ye and Kim Kardashian

Meanwhile, in supporting the document from this new filing, Kardashian writes in the surest term she can:

“At this point, counseling and reconciliation efforts are of no value.”

What if it’s not clear enough?

Ye and Kim K

The document also says:

“The marriage between the two parties has irreparably collapsed. [Kardashian] I no longer want to get married [West]..

“In this case, there is no compelling reason not to allow a motion to divide the marriage situation into two.”

Without calling directly West’s recent rant, She goes on to say she’s trying to move forward for months.

Kanye West becomes stupid

But Kanye does not accept his romantic fate.

“I have been trying to resolve the dissolution [Kanye] Since I applied for a divorce in February 2021, “Kim wrote.

“I requested it several times [Kanye] I agree to end our marriage status in half.

“”[He] Not meeting my request. “

Kimie Slowback Photo

With her filing, Kardashian continues:

“There is no doubt that the marriage of the parties is no longer feasible. [Kardashian] There is no desire to reconcile with [West] And I want to end their marriage.

“Unreconcilable differences lead to an irreparable collapse of the marriage and there is no possibility of saving the marriage by counseling or other means.

“Continuous maintenance of technical marriage status between [West] When [Kardashian] It serves no useful purpose and there is no reason to maintain a legal relationship. “

Then, Kanye!

It won’t be easier than that.

last month, West claimed he was never served Added divorce notice, viral interview:

“She is still my wife.”

This is technically correct.But Kim is now doing everything she can to make it United Nationstrue.

Slowback of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

West later emphasized the same thing, adding:

“My kids want their parents to be together. I want you to be with me.. “

Alas, Kardashian is now dating Pete Davidson and is clearly anxious to leave her past behind her.

“”[West] And I both deserve the opportunity to build a new life. “

“Therefore, I want my request to end our marriage in half.”

Kimie 2020

So you have it.

Will West finally receive the message?

As a celebrity gossip website, for our content, we hope not to!

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