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Kim Kardashian: Keeping Her Distance From Kanye West as She Prepares to File For Divorce

There may have been times over the past year when you fond youself feeling deeply annoyed by your family members of your rommates — but remember, the situation could have been much worse.

You could have been forced to quarantine with Kanye.

Yes, that’s the living hell that Kim Kardashian has awakened to for much of the past nine months.

Following his ingamous Twitter meltdown, in which he accused Kim of cheating on him with rapper Meek Mill.

Unfortunately, the rapper is back in Calabas, and is once residing in case de Km

Butn that doesn’t mean they ever see each otherl

You see, Kim and Kanye’s crib is big enough that they can live under the same foof ans never see each other!

“They’ve been living separate lives for the past couple of years, and are drifting further and further away from each other,” a source close to the situation tells In Touch.

The insider went on to say that the points of contention between the couple are pretty muc exactly what you would expect.

For obvious reasons, she was less than thrilled with the Twitter tirade in which he threatened to divorce her and called her mother a white supremacist.

And then there was the infamous Kanye presidential campaign.

Yes, as you may recall, the rapper embarked on a half-hearted race for the White Houe in 2020.

As was abundanly clear to pretty much everyone who knew about it — except Kanye — the whole thing turned out to be a national joke, and Kanye didn’t even make it onto the ballots in most states.

It seems Kim tried to warn Kanye against embarking on his ill-fated vanity campaign, but he had no interest in her objections.

“She didn’t think it was a good idea,” the insider shares.

“He felt somewhat betrayed.” 

Wow. Calling the campaign “not a good idea” is pretty much the understatement of the century, but Kanye still got upset?

Forget too sensitive for the spotlight, this guy might be too sensitive for life on planet Earth.

All of this separation talk has led to new rumors about Kim filing for divorce from Kanye.

The couple does seem to be closer to calling it quits than ever before, but sources say Kim wants to wait until Kanye has back in Wyoming before she files, but he’s set up camp in California for the foreseeable future.

Kim has not spoken publicly about the possibility of ending her marriage, but over the summer, one of her reps issued a statement claiming the couple is still close — despite their physical distance.

“Kim is focusing on expanding her brands, like SKIMS and KKW, her legal career, and raising the children,” the rep said

. “Kanye prefers being in Wyoming. He’s been busy turning the ranch into a huge compound with the latest technology. It doesn’t really interest Kim. L.A. is home to her.” 

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