Saturday, September 18, 2021

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    Kim Kardashian Covers Entire Face, Body in Outrageous MET Gala Ensemble

    Kim Kardashian is apparently too embarrassed to show her face in public.

    That is what we are willing to at least assume.

    On Monday night, four super-famous mothers walked the red carpet at New York City’s annual MET Gala … in a costume that covered every inch of her body.

    Including her face.

    So much for them Kim Kardashian Nude It’s a photo

    Reality stars have certainly come a long way. To the regret of warm-blooded animals everywhere.

    Designed by Balenciaga, the Kardashian Family Alum wore a custom outfit in a long-sleeved turtleneck bodysuit under an oversized T-shirt dress with a long pleated train.

    Jersey boots, jersey gloves, and a mask that covers the face and head complete the unusual look.

    Why does Kim go in such clothes?

    Probably to make a headline.

    But maybe because his divorced husband, Kanye West, released an album earlier this month that included a song titled “Hurricane.”

    Based on the specific lyrics, it certainly sounds like Kanye admits Kardashian’s cheating In this song, I will rap at some point.

    Here I act too rich, here I go with a new chick / and I know what the truth is, still playing after two kids.

    Since then, sources have said: Kardashian was blind and humiliated By Kanye’s public confession-it may explain why she hid her face in the MET Gala.

    “It wasn’t a secret among those who worked closely with you that he was deceived after the birth of the saint,” the insider told Sun after West released his album.

    “On his San Pablo tour, he turned over in front of the team and confessed that he was sleeping with the girl behind Kim.

    “He even said he was doing groupies,” sources said.

    Some scrutinized “graphic details” with others about these sexual contacts in the studio and thought that every time an artist raised his unfaithfulness, he had a “manic” episode.

    Did Kim know that her husband at the time was sleeping behind his back?


    Did Kim know that Kanye will release it to the world as a single?


    “She knew he was lost in marriage, but didn’t expect him to share it in’Hurricane’,” Sun said.

    So where do things go from here?

    West unfollowed Kardashian on Instagram this week, but Kim chose to remain silent about the entire scandal.

    In fact, someone told People Magazine that Kardashian’s MET Gala fashion statement was inspired by her positive and often ridiculous ex-spouse.

    “There’s no logo or face, but everyone knows it’s her,” reports the People Insider.

    “Kanye gave her the courage to boost creativity and people’s imagination through art.

    “It’s the ultimate confidence.”

    Kim Kardashian Covers Entire Face, Body in Outrageous MET Gala Ensemble Source link Kim Kardashian Covers Entire Face, Body in Outrageous MET Gala Ensemble

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