Kickstarter and Discord face backlash over the move to cryptocurrencies


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When Kickstarter unveiled its ambition to develop a blockchain-based crowdfunding system, the company characterized this move as a way to bring creators closer to their audience.

“Supporters need to have more robust tools to easily discover and participate deeper in projects, manage data better, and assess project reliability and feasibility.” Said Kickstarter. Blog post Early this month.

The user response wasn’t what Kickstarter wanted.

A Tweet The company that announced the news encountered an immediate backlash from Kickstarter customers who threatened to abandon their services because of concerns about the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies.

For Bitcoin and other digital currencies A lot of electricity Process the transaction and create a new currency unit. Kickstarter said it will use Celo, a “carbon negative” crypto payment platform, for its initiative.

Kickstarter envisions the new crowdfunding mechanism as a “distributed” protocol that makes it easier for people to fund their projects, even outside their own platform. The ultimate goal is to move the entire website to a new infrastructure.


All Kickstarter suggestions are part of a vibrant new move in the world of technology known as Web 3.0 or “Web 3”.

Proponents of Web3 claim that today’s online platforms are over-centralized and managed by a few major Internet companies, including: Amazon, Apple, alphabet And Facebook parent company Meta..

Like the following “Metaverse“Be advertised by Meta, Microsoft Other than that, Web3 is still a vague concept.

Most advocates describe it as a decentralized version of the Internet based on the blockchain, the technology behind many major cryptocurrencies. You can think of a blockchain as a ledger of transactions that are constantly being updated by multiple computers around the world.

It has attracted a lot of interest and money from venture capital and big tech companies such as Andreessen Horowitz. twitter When Stripes.. Some Twitter conversations about trends are from people with NFTs. Non-substitutable token, As a profile picture.

Kickstarter isn’t the first to experience a backlash against corporate movements into the Web3 world.

Discord, an online chat app, recently made fun of several features that allow users to connect their crypto wallet to their account.Tools shown in Tweet CEO Jason Citron was hit by a quick backlash.

Some users have expressed concern about the potential for cryptocurrency and NFT fraud and money laundering, while others have given the enormous amount of energy needed to process transactions on the blockchain. I blamed you.

“We have no plans to ship this internal concept at this time,” said Citron. response..

“For now, we’re focused on protecting users from spam, scams, and scams. Web3 has many great features, but there are also many issues that need to be addressed on our scale. More Fast.”

Its meaning

Large companies and investors have praised Web3. However, there is a gap between how technology and financial industry professionals view cryptography and the perception of technology by the general public.

In cryptocurrencies, the main consumer use case remains speculative transactions. And there is still a big educational gap.According to the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom, 69% of people under the age of 40 are unaware of cryptography. Not a regulated product..

“There’s definitely a gold rush that leads to speculative investments,” American computer scientist and digital cash pioneer David Chaum told CNBC in an email.

Chaum is best known for inventing an untraceable electronic cash system called e-cash in the 1980s. “General skepticism about’crypts’ and digital currencies has existed long before Bitcoin, as far as I can remember,” he added.

Several major companies including Tesla, PayPal And Meta recently rushed into cryptocurrencies.

Such moves have helped raise prices for Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies this year, and investors are betting on the possibility of reaching mainstream acceptance.

But if Kickstarter and Discord show what they’re trying to get into the market, this goal is still far from real.

Kickstarter and Discord face backlash over the move to cryptocurrencies

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