Khloe Kardashian Makes First Public Appearance Since Latest Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal


It’s only a few weeks since the world knew it Tristan Thompson is sued for his father By alleged sidepiece Larry Nichols.

But Khloe Kardashian knew about Thompson’s latest unfaithfulness for much longer.

There is disagreement about the timeline, but it has been confirmed that Chloe and Tristan were together when they slept with Nichols on their 30th birthday in March.

Tristan’s lawyers have repeatedly claimed that he wasn’t the father of Marary’s child, but the NBA star hasn’t denied sleeping with her on the day in question.

Tristan says it was his only encounter with Marary, but she claims to have continued a short case involving at least five separate rendezvous.

Of course, as far as Chloe is concerned, I don’t think it matters.

Importantly, Tristan has cheated again. This time, the mother of the third baby may have made the third child a father.

Tristan Thompson, True, Chloe

Some say he was clean shortly thereafter, and Chloe kicked him to the curb.

Others claim that the relationship lasted until June, when Tristan disappeared into the bedroom with two unidentified women during a party at his teammate’s house.

In any case, Chloe knew for quite some time that the latest news from Tristan’s Dariens would be coming soon.

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian in the car

But while she may have had time to prepare for the latest media tsunami, that doesn’t mean it’s never been easier to survive a storm.

Chloe has been less noticeable for the past few weeks than usual, but given her situation, it’s not surprising.

She hasn’t been completely silent on social media, but has taken a few days off since the news of Tristan was released, but hasn’t admitted the scandal directly.

Chloe with True at Sing 2 Premier

However, although it may be a sign that she turned a corner in the process of healing, Chloe ended the break from the spotlight in a major way this week.

On Sunday, she posted a picture of the mother and daughter above (comments are disabled, of course).

“My little love” Chloe captioned the photo.

True Thompson at Sing 2 Premiere

But more important than the photo itself is where it was taken.

As Chloe’s Instagram Stories show, she and True attended the Sing 2 premiere on the same day, marking the first public mother since the world learned of Tristan’s latest betrayal.

So fans who were worried about Chloe’s mental state will be able to breathe a little easier today.

Khloe Kardashian Walk and Shimmers

I think there’s still a lot to do, but Chloe is at least taking the baby’s step in the right direction.

The debate about when she learned about Tristan’s beloved child continues to rage on social media.

Shortly after the news of the Nichols proceedings was released, one source told People magazine that Chloe “knows about the baby,” confirming that she and Thompson were “together in March.”

Khloe Kardashian discusses concerns about surrogacy

But were they still together when Nichols informed Thompson that she was pregnant?

We may never know.

In any case, Chloe now seems to have ended forever in Tristan.

Grinning at Chloe

Chloe seems to have decided to keep her ex and things polite for True, just as she is certainly dissatisfied with the situation.

“Tristan and Chloe have been disbanded for some time and there is no problem between them,” says Insider.

“Chloe’s goal is always to create the best situation for True,” continued sources.

Chloe with True

“No matter what happens in Tristan, Chloe wants True to know that her parents love her very much.”

And Chloe’s mother and brother forgave Tristan for his previous breach, but this time they seem to have enough.

“Chloe’s family has always tried to support her,” the insider adds.

Chloe confesses

“They always treated Tristan well, even after he broke Chloe’s heart many times.”

Well, we hope these two can maintain a friendly co-parenting relationship.

Tristan’s life with at least three baby moms should be complicated enough in the next few years.

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