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    KC considers 10 days of COVID paid leave for city employees – Kansas City, Missouri

    Kansas City, Missouri 2022-01-12 18:25:43 –

    Kansas City, Missouri — Kansas City leaders are considering measures to give city officials up to 10 days of paid sick leave if infected with COVID-19.

    Employees will be disqualified from emergency sick leave as outlined in the Family First Coronavirus Response Act. It was a federal requirement for certain employers to give COVID-positive employees a day of illness, which expired on December 31, 2021.

    The Kansas City Human Resources Department has proposed an ordinance that will continue to provide the same safety net.

    “So we’ll go back to January 1st and expire on December 31, 2022,” said Teri Casey, Director of Human Resources.

    Employees are eligible to take paid sick leave if:

    • They test positive for COVID-19
    • Must be quarantined according to Kansas City Health Department standards
    • They haven’t used 10 days of paid sick leave yet
    • They can virtually not work

    Several members of the Treasury, Governance and Public Safety Commission were concerned about the fairness of the ordinance as employees would also need to be vaccinated to qualify, but others said it was an appropriate requirement. I felt there was.

    “Citizens of Kansas City, Missouri, don’t think they should be asked for financial subsidies for bad decisions by city officials in the form of choosing not to be vaccinated,” said Councilor Catherine.・ Shields said.

    Councilors Melissa Robinson and Liana Parks Shaw were concerned about the medical and religious exemption process.

    “We want to make sure we treat individuals fairly in this process,” Robinson said. “Some people are medically unvaccinated. They can be affected by this and should not be punished.”

    Reginald Silvers, the chairman of a trade union called Local500, said even these tax exemptions were not enough.

    “It seems unfair to give vaccinated people 80 hours of rest when they are sick and not to unvaccinated people,” Silvers said. “We have vaccinated people who are sick — deceased vaccinated people. Therefore, the problem is not unvaccinated. It’s a bigger problem.”

    There were multiple questions about the fairness of the tax exemption process, and committee members decided to hold the proposal for another week.

    “I’m having a hard time voting for what I think is to bring the staff together, not to divide them,” said Councilor Heatherhall.

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    KC considers 10 days of COVID paid leave for city employees Source link KC considers 10 days of COVID paid leave for city employees

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