Kanye West feels his children are “borrowed” in the song XXXTentacion – Hollywood Life.


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Kanye West In March, we demoed the song “I made fun of my fans in March”.true loveIt was only available on his stem player. Now he has released the official version of this song. This is one of two tracks made by the late wrapper. XXXTentacion for Donda 2 (The other is titled “Selfish”).

A track that will appear in XXXTentacion’s next posthumous LP Look at Me: The AlbumAccording to, apparently created for 5 years genius..producer John CunninghamWorked on the track with Ye and MIKE DEAN, Instagram comments “It wasn’t recycled or unused lyrics.”

“It was one of the few songs we started in 2018, but it never ended,” the producer writes. “Obviously, this was intended.”

The lyrics are centered around Kanye and XXX, discussing difficult relationship topics. In the opening chorus, XXX felt like he found “true love,” but found it to be “complex.”

“I thought I would die in your arms / I thought I would die in you —” The truck explodes and reaches the bridge.

You do not blame his partner for the complications they are finding themselves now, but he noted how honest he would be about his position. “”There are no difficult emotions / but these emotions are more difficult, “he raps.

Kanye West
Kanye West and his children (back grid).

Raw honesty continues, as you lament the complications you faced having to share control of his ex and his children, Kim Kardashian.. Taking time with a reality star to take care of four children, North8, saint6, Chicago4, and Psalms3.

“Wait, if you meet the kids? / Let’s meet everyone tomorrow,” he raps. “”Wait, when the sun goes down? / Everyone can see tomorrow /Wait, when I pick them up / I feel like they borrowed /If you have to return it, scan it like a barcode. ”

In the second half of the poem, he continues to have problems with how his children are styled without him, apparently representing the brand Nike he broke up in 2014.

“Wait, who put the kids in them? What are they?” /Wait, why can’t they wear Yeezys with the cargo? / /Everyone knows that Nike doesn’t like me,At least for some Mike he was playing in Chicago. ”

Finally, you will consider solving the problem with your own hands Formal arrangement of storage contract..

“Let the kids dig a tunnel to my house like a chapo /Only hood neighbors who have doors they can knock on /Leave the light on. ”

Had enough Public feud She is involved with you, Kim recently thought of completing a formal agreement between them.Source of information spoken exclusively HollywoodLife Kim wanted a “casual” agreement on co-parenting four children, but Kanye’s Recent attacks To her, she is ready to make it “formal”.

“”Kim They believe that formal safeguards need to be taken for their children, “sources began. “For a long time she was okay with casual arrangements, but when he said she wasn’t playing fairly and sticking to their co-managed arrangements, casual arrangements were I know it won’t work. ”A second insider reflected his emotions and told HL:Kim Initially, I thought that informal storage arrangements would be optimal. Kanye You can access his children whenever he wants. “

Kanye West feels his children are “borrowed” in the song XXXTentacion – Hollywood Life.

Source link Kanye West feels his children are “borrowed” in the song XXXTentacion – Hollywood Life.

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