Kamala Harris Chief Spokesperson Symone Sanders Resigns – Report | Kamala Harris


Kamala Harris’s chief spokesperson and senior adviser, Symone Sanders, will be leaving the White House at the end of the year. Politico reported, Update speculation of turmoil and dysfunction in the Vice President’s office.

The Sanders departure is the second hottest exit from Harris staff within two weeks. Resignation Communication director Ashley Etienne.

It also comes in the middle Reported friction He talked to Joe Biden’s team about the role of the Vice President and said Harris felt “bystander” at work as he was preparing to launch his second campaign.

Sanders, in a farewell note to the staff reported by Politico, did not give a reason for her departure and did not say she was going to go next.

However, some political observers said the news that she had left came on the same day as Stacey Abrams, a very prominent Democrat on the national stage. Started her campaign For the Governor of Georgia.

Sanders, 31, joined Harris’ office after spending the 2020 presidential election as Biden’s senior adviser.Former political critics are one of the administration’s most famous faces, especially when the Vice President faces criticism. Rocky journey to Guatemala In summer.

Harris suffering from the same Subsidence approval evaluation Annoying Biden, suffering from a message, he drew flakes from celebrities from both Democratic parties, including moderate West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and progressive House Senator Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

This contributed to growing dissatisfaction among Harris’ team and from the Vice President himself. The Vice President reportedly told his aide that she was in a bad position to take over from Biden, even when the 79-year-old president tweeted whether she would run again in 2024.

vice versa, According to CNNBiden’s staff are closely watching for signs of disloyalty within Harris Camp, despite the outward message of support.

The story of such tensions between the two urged White House spokesman Jen Psaki to publish something unusual. Vice President Defense Harris, the first woman to arrive in the office last month and of color, was called a “bold leader”, at least suggesting criticism of her. Rooted in sexism..

so Statement to The Washington Post, Harris spokesman paid tribute to Sanders.

“Symone has been in good service for three years. The President and Vice President are grateful for Simone’s service and defense of the administration. She is an important member of the White House and a team player. She is regrettable. Will be. “

Sanders previously served as spokesman for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who campaigned for 2016 in the Democratic presidential nomination that year, with Hillary Clinton eventually winning.

She has become a regular political critic and analyst at CNN and elsewhere, joining Biden’s team, which defeated Donald Trump in 2020, as an advisor and strategist. After becoming Harris’s chief spokesperson, she traveled frequently with the Vice President and Quickly emphasize her work Despite evidence of escalating dysfunction among her staff.

Kamala Harris Chief Spokesperson Symone Sanders Resigns – Report | Kamala Harris

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