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June Shannon: If I Do Crack Again, I’ll Get Fired!

After her catastrophic downward spiral, Mama June Shannon had spent nearly $1 million on drugs in just one year.

She is now rebuilding her life, and doesn’t want any part of that to happen again.

Neither does the production of her show.

With that in mind, June knows that she’s on thin ice. One slip-up, and she’s fired.

June Shannon and Geno Doak Are BACK on the Premiere

June Shannon spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the new season of her WEtv series.

She is currently 14 months sober, and in addition to a 12-step program and her life in Florida, she credits her show’s production team.

According to her, the show has strict policies in place to make sure that her dramatic downward spiral cannot happen again.

June Shannon and Geno Doak, Recovering TogetherPin

“Production holds me accountable too,” June revealed.

She shared: “I have to take weekly drug testings.”

“If you don’t go take a drug test one week,” June explained, “or if me, or Geno fail, then I can’t be in the show.”

June Shannon... Sober!Pin

Filming Mama June: Road to Redemption has included some unpleasant walks down memory lane.

“Having to go back and talk about that lifestyle that we had…” June recalled.

She affirmed: “I don’t ever want to go back to that lifestyle.”

June Shannon Eats a Maraschina CherryPin

The 41-year-old grandmother also shared part of her personal sobriety strategy.

“I wake up every morning and tell myself, ‘I’m going to stay clean these next 24 hours,'” June shared.

“And that’s my saying, every day,” she emphasized.

June Shannon MadeoverPin

June also wanted to clear — or attempt to clear — her boyfriend’s name.

“I think a lot of people think that [Geno] had the influence of drugs,” she correctly observed.

“But the reality is I was the one with all the drug dealers,” June countered.

June Shannon is Comfy in Her KitchenPin

“I was the one that was hooking him up with the dope,” June stated.

That’s … not exactly putting Geno in the clear, since fans assumed all along that it was her money getting them drugs.

What fans believed, and many still believe, is that things were worse through Geno’s involvement.

June Shannon Shares Some Good NewsPin

Now that June has been sober for well over a year, she is able to speak to those in rehab to help them on their journeys.

“I go to all these different rehabs and speak and give back my gift,” June expressed.

“That honestly is what keeps me clean, what keeps me sober,” she shared.

June Shannon Enjoys Some SyrupPin

June explained “because there’s people that are fighting that fight that I know I fought through.”

“It gives me so much more gratitude than you will ever imagine,” June raved.

“And,” she added, “they give so much more back to me than I can ever give to them.”

June Shannon and Geno Doak Get a New CarPin

Things are still very tense with her daughters after her multitude of betrayals of them in 2019.

“It’s just a work in progress,” June admitted.

“Me and the girls have always been close…” she remarked.

June Shannon on AirPin

“So, like I said, the best way to describe it to somebody it’s a work in progress,” June added.

She characterized the project to rebuild trust with her family: “It’s an everyday thing.”

After selling off many of their belongings and ghosting on rehab, she will be hard pressed to fix things.

June Shannon is SoberPin

In a separate interview, June reiterated to Us Weekly how bad things got before she and Geno finally sought help.

“We were staying in Jackson, Georgia,” she shared, noting that they were living in a car.

June added: “[We weren’t] using because we didn’t have any money.”

June Shannon in Lots of TearsPin

“[He said] ‘I’m tired of this life,'” June recalled Geno saying as he began to cry. “I know at that point I was tired.”

“I was tired long before that,” she said. “And, you know, we did it.”

“I texted the girls, I texted my production company,” June said. “And two days later we were on a plane.”

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