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This guest’s opinion is from Nick Singer. He is an office candidate and has worked as an organizer, activist, consultant, lobbyist, and volunteer for a variety of progressive purposes. He is based in OKC.

Opinion (Free press) — Joy Hofmeister has announced that he will run for Governor of Oklahoma as a Democrat. Now she has to go through the Democratic primary against Senator Connie Johnson to confront Stitt in the general election.

Democratic leaders, former governors, and broadly liberals are pleased that credible leaders elected across the state in 2022 are expected to challenge Gov Stitt. Progressives, some black and indigenous leaders, and some Democratic operatives, recent party changes, her change of heart is not only the depth of the surface, but also the popularity announced a few months ago. Suggests to abandon a black woman with a sickness.

There are two ways to look at this: a practical view and a problematic view if you are an advocate of progressive or particularly liberal values.

The problematic take acknowledges the deep ridicule of our time, and Hoffmeister is primarily interested in her own personal strengths, playing in the middle of doing nothing, as a non-Stitt Republican. I am assuming that I will govern. She sells out Democrats on abortion, LGBTQ rights, racial justice, and other social issues, along with giveaways to oil and gas companies. She constantly soothes conservatives and seeks to find a line that seeks to abandon the wide range of rights, freedoms and security of democratic bases.

The practical view is that Joy initially ran for state coach and won as a challenger to the highly ideological, conservative and unpopular Janet Vallesi. She stayed firmly in public education camps, opposed vouchers, and ruled moderately while repaying school funds on all occasions. She has moved away from the right-wing cultural war (apart from the disastrous burden of Obama-era transgender bathroom rules) and has recently confronted even her former parties on critical race theory, masks and vaccines.

Needless to say, she wasn’t a far-right Republican in a meaningful way. Conservatives already know who to vote for in 2022. This is Kevin Stitt, COVID’s biggest ally. Hoffmeister is incredibly high to bring together a coalition of dems, independents, disgruntled Republicans, and a wide range of people to the left of the greed, fear, conspiracy theories, and racial anima that drive modern Republicans. Have order. There is deep support in Oklahoma.

It seems unlikely that she will do that by being a Republican Wright. Liberals are embarrassed to ignore the black woman (Sencony Johnson) who announced she will challenge Stitt a few months ago, but she is not a convincing person. Hoffmeister must convince progressives, the BIPOC community, LGBTQ citizens, and others that she also works for them. In an era of hyperpolarization, the center is what it is, and it is the rest of us that needs to be persuaded to appear to win.

Hoffmeister can make a decent case. She can speak modestly in her radical centrist roots and her rule record, but was alienated from progressives that Republicans were wrong in almost all of their current rhetoric. Can be shown to the community. She can lean on the party switch to show that she has learned something and occupy a base that was less excited. If not, what’s the point of deploying for her?

Sen Johnson is a great civil servant, a tireless supporter for many valuable purposes, and will be a good governor (or deputy governor, labor commissioner, etc.). The challenge so far has been that her campaign is struggling to achieve a lift-off. With a few months ahead of the start, the reports currently being submitted suggest financing anemia, with no attacks on our caviar diet, COVID ignorance, or border surveillance governor. It doesn’t stimulate a lot of support.

If Democrats get excited about this one race, they should start considering all the other races. Hoffmeister has spent years in the Snakepit with the State Board of Education, routinely weakening and interfering with her. Leaving her as the only Dem elected throughout the state, or leaving a disastrous minority in the legislature, has great hopes for the development of medical care, criminal justice reform, education, or a myriad of other issues. I can’t. Democrats need to think bigger.

If Joy isn’t your deal, that’s fine. Many other races need help and have a more direct impact on our lives. The firing squad probably doesn’t take people anywhere, it just causes dysfunction. Take a look at the current primary between Rermeier and Rankford! Already one of the most conservative senators in the United States, Rankford is probably still pulling this out, but the far right spends countless hours, rallies, and treasures just to get it back to their place. There will be. Who wants to be those people?

The only comeback led by Kevin Stitt was that COVID struck us, our government failed to meet its obligations, and companies were forced to push more volatile workers back into the mine. It has become. There are too many fights to overwork in the Democratic primary in a state where dem is near zero. Look forward to a lively Primary and hopefully a general election that we haven’t seen in a while.

— Nick Singer

Last updated: October 8, 2021 8:29 pm Brett Dickerson – Editor

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