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    Josh Hawley is right that men aren’t doing well, but it’s because of toxic people like him.Alwa Mahadawi

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    A guide to becoming a real man in Josh Hawley

    Listen, young people! Porn should stop. The same is true for video games. You need to grab yourself a wife, get a good old manufacturing job, and regain the meaning of being a red-blooded American man.

    Anyway, this is advice from the official masculinity arbiter (and Riot lovers) Senator Josh Hawley.. Missouri Republicans are widely expected to start the 2024 presidential election, which seems to lay the foundation by spitting out all the issues of the cultural war that they like about their rights. In a speech to a Republican group last Sunday, Harley explained how traditional masculinity is being attacked by feminism and the liberal elite.

    “After years of being told they were a problem, and after being told that their masculinity was a problem, more and more men were withdrawn into laziness and the excursions of pornography and video games. Can you be surprised? “Hurley asked.

    Yeah, yes, I’m actually a little surprised. My little woman’s brain thought that men spend more time on things like Pornhub and Fortnite than they used to, not because of awakening or feminism, but because of the greatness of the high-speed internet. .. Anyway, did you think the Republican Party is a party of personal responsibility? I don’t know how that is in line with blaming women for men’s “laziness.” And, of course, the far-right populists really don’t care about being rational-they’re more focused on agitating grudges. They take a breather to preach the importance of personal responsibility and then talk about how they are omnipotent victims left to others.

    I don’t know if Hurley believes self-awareness is a belief in masculinity, but his speech certainly did not betray anything.Part of Hurley speech It was about how the United States needs men who “enter and respect marriage contracts.” The man seems to have forgotten about Donald Trump, who had five children in three marriages. Negotiate outside the marriage, When Paid Hash Money to Porn Stars.. But again, according to Harley’s logic, I think feminism has prompted Trump to do all this.

    Hurley’s “masculinity” speech is easily ridiculed and has been widely ridiculed. However, it is important to note that at the heart of it is the truth that cannot be ignored. Men aren’t doing well overall.There was a significant rise in Single man Over the last few decades (from about 29% in 1990 to 39% in 2019); this group lags behind its male partner in income and education. Almost 60% of American college students I’m a woman, And American boys lag behind girls at school From the 1950s..And there is a loneliness epidemic everywhere, but there seems to be more loneliness It could be a man. So is the death of despair. Men are more likely to die of suicide or alcohol abuse than women.Men are victims of Commit 77% of murders and 90% of them.. As Hurley said [the US] They are at stake and their class is swelling. And it’s not just the crisis for men. It’s a crisis for the republic. “

    It is certainly so. Where there is loneliness, resentment, and poverty, there are fertile breeding grounds for fascism. Of course, Hurley and his companions are familiar with this.Trump successfully used masculinity as a weapon When he was president, And his acolytes are working hardest to do the same.

    One of the most disturbing things about all of this is that it’s not feminism that men need to worry about, but people like Harley. It is the politicians who invent the cultural war to discourage them from trying to solve the real problem. Those who want to keep men trapped in the 1950s are those who stick to the strict gender stereotypes that make men fundamentally unhappy.Men who equate with traditional masculine idealism are worse than men who have established it and are not: they are less likely to seek Psychological help And more likely I feel isolated. Toxic masculinity is bad for everyone. So are toxic politicians like Hurley.

    Spain expands free IVF to lesbians, single women and transgender

    This is the horrifying result of voting Socialist-led government: More people will have access to medical care. On the other hand, in the capitalist paradise of America, you are free to choose between paying a large amount of money for one health insurance company or a large amount of money for another health insurance company.

    Why no one rents a vaginal museum in London?

    Have multiple landlords Rejected museum lease request The founder doesn’t know why.

    Magdalena Anderson is likely to be Sweden’s first female prime minister

    Sweden is the only country in Northern Europe that does not yet have a female prime minister. But that may change soon. Anderson, who has been Sweden’s Finance Minister since 2014, has been elected leader of the Social Democratic Party, which governs Sweden. Thursday.. She now needs to get approval from Congress as Prime Minister.

    Polish activists protest after a woman dies as a result of a strict abortion law

    was there Anger in Poland After it was revealed that a 30-year-old woman died of septic shock at 22 weeks gestation. A lawyer in her family says the doctor did not have an abortion, even though her foetation lacked amniotic fluid.Activists say she is the first person to die due to recent militants Polish abortion law restrictions..

    The Tinder has a dating “metaverse” plan

    God Please help us all..

    Potato arch week

    A New Zealand couple was weeding in the garden when they came across a giant 7.9 kg potato. World’s largest spud.. The potatoes, nicknamed Doug, are large, but not exactly beautiful.Will be a little pongee.. So instead of keeping Doug on display, the couple seems to have plans to turn it into liquor. After all, when life gives you huge ugly potatoes, you have to make potato vodka.

    Josh Hawley is right that men aren’t doing well, but it’s because of toxic people like him.Alwa Mahadawi

    Source link Josh Hawley is right that men aren’t doing well, but it’s because of toxic people like him.Alwa Mahadawi

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