Josh Duggar Trial Update: Witness Reveals That Josh Molested 5-Year-Old Joy-Anna During “Bible Time”


After a few months delay Josh Duggar’s Child Porn Trial Currently underway in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

If you visit regularly Hollywood gossipAnd you may know that we have covered this story extensively since Josh’s workplace was attacked by federal agents in 2019.

As the trial progresses, we will continue to provide the most accurate and detailed information available, but feel obliged to provide it with a warning.

In the words of one researcher, Josh’s claim is “worst and worst,” and some readers may find the details revealed on the first day of the testimony to be unbearably disturbing. ..

The prosecution made an opening statement today, but of course, this statement imprisoned 33 years old, with the horrifying nature of Josh’s alleged crime to prevent Josh from claiming more victims. Focused on the importance of that.

“Images of seven-year-old children are displayed. These children have been sexually assaulted, infringed, and exploited,” the prosecutor reportedly stated in court records.

“Make him accountable.”

Josh Duggar is the worst

At a preliminary hearing earlier this week, Judge Timothy L. Brooks ruled: Josh’s previous sex crimes can be used against him in court..

This means that in addition to an overview of child pornography accusations against Josh, the prosecution also details a series of previous cases in which Josh molested five girls.

Four of the victims were Josh’s sisters and a fifth was a babysitter hired by his parents.

Josh Duggar is a bad dad

The defense urged the judge to ban discussions on Josh’s previous sex crimes, but in a decision revealed today, the judge ruled in favor of DA’s office.

“For the reasons stated, the court finds that the evidence that the government is trying to introduce under Rule 414 is relevant and acceptable. In addition, the court finds that the approval of this evidence in court is Rule 403. We determine that it does not violate. Signed by a judge in the state on December 1st.

“Therefore, the allegations in the government proceedings to admit evidence of the defendant’s previous child sexual abuse are accepted and the defendant’s proceedings to exclude the evidence of the juvenile allegations are dismissed.”

Anna and Josh Duggar and Baby

Josh’s father at the preliminary hearing Jim Bob Duggar was forced to testify..

Elder Dagger claimed to be combative with the judge and did not remember the sexual abuse case, but he will be called again this time so that he can provide his side of the story in front of the jury.

Also, on Monday, I was called to the stand by a friend of the former Duggar family named Bobbye Holt.

Josh Duggar looks happy

In 2006, it was Holt who begged Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to contact local police after learning that Josh had molested his sister.

In court this week, Holt gave a shocking testimony to the abuse endured by the girls called Jane Dus 1-4.

Joy Anna Dagger, the youngest of Josh’s victims, was only five years old at the time of the attack.

Announcement of Anna Dagger and Josh Duggar

Josh was a teenager.

“”[Josh] Jane Doe 4 explained that she was sitting on her lap in Bible times and touched her improperly, “Holt explained to the court.

“He said it happened that day. That day he told us he touched the area of ​​her vagina.”

Masked devil

It was also revealed today that Josh’s sister Jill Dagger and his brother Jededia Dagger are also on the list to testify this week.

At this point, it is unclear whether it will be called by the defense or the prosecution.

However, it is widely envisioned that both Jill and Jedediah will testify to their defense.

Josh Duggar in the game

The prosecution has already called in one witness. I’m Amber Calmer, a detective for the FBI Task Force Internet crime at the Little Rock Police Station.

Detective Kalmer today explained to the jury how he could determine that the IP address in Springdale, Arkansas was downloading images of child sexual abuse.

It was later revealed that the IP address belonged to a device used in the office of a car dealership owned by Josh.

Josh Duggar close-up

Despite all the appearances of the opposition, the defense claims that the device seized by the federal agent was not Josh’s.

We will update this story in development as more information becomes available.

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