Josh Duggar Trial: Prosecution Describes Sick Video Showing Torture of 3-Month-Old


Josh Duggar’s trial revealed one thing. This is much worse than we knew.

The jury has already heard the detailed explanation How Josh Duggar hid his alleged crime From his wife.

Unfortunately, those technical details are offensive, but the length he might have made isn’t the worst of it.

In court, the jury also showed extensive and horrifying details of the files found by the investigators.

At a hearing on Thursday, December 2, prosecutors brought up disturbing evidence.

This means images and videos that investigators say were found on Josh Duggar’s computer.

Authorities have found a folder of offensive media in the cache folder in the download section of your computer.

Photo of Josh Duggar

One folder they described in court contained 65 thumbnail files.

Some files were created when I tried to download them to my computer.

The prosecutor did not provide clear evidence that all videos and images were successfully downloaded.

Josh Duggar looks happy

(I’ll quickly explain why it’s a tricky concept)

Similarly, no concrete evidence was provided that Josh opened and viewed these files after downloading them.

However, there are no questions about the contents of the file.

Josh Duggar is the worst

James Fottrell is Director of Child Exploitation, Department of Justice.

Fottrell has taken a position to provide testimony about the media in question.

“There are multiple pictures of a minor girl,” the court heard.

Young Josh Duggar

At least one video is 30 minutes long, including explicit depictions of minors.

One of the familiar filenames the jury learned was the video “Sexual Abuse and Torture in the Three Months of Life.”

It’s unthinkable, indescribable, and worse than the average person knows.

Josh and Anna in court

He said it’s hard to prove that Josh had the entire file and displayed it, especially because of his sexual satisfaction.

First, the purpose of the download cannot be proved in court without Josh’s witnesses or video footage or confession.

However, anyone reading this report in court and out of court may stumble upon the question of whether Josh successfully obtained the entire file.

Photo of Josh Duggar and Anna

Authorities used a program called the Torrential Downpour to detect this tragic and sadistic material download.

This program is designed to track photos and videos of child sexual abuse distributed using peer-to-peer file sharing.

Peer-to-peer technology has many useful uses, but predators and perverts use it because media is not hosted on websites that can be easily shut down.

Anna Dagger and her terrible husband

As a context, imagine that a regular media website such as Instagram or YouTube is a library or bookstore.

You go there, you find the item you want, and you get it completely.

(I’m temporarily downloading the file via streaming for viewing without having to permanently save the file to my device and “download” YouTube.)

Josh Duggar security camera image

Continuing the book analogy, peer-to-peer technology works on different principles.

Instead of going to a bookstore, imagine that dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people who already have a copy of a book can help you get a copy.

How? By copying some of their pages and mailing them to you for you to assemble.

Josh Duggar behind the bar

This is basically what a peer-to-peer file sharing program does.

(It also collates file fragments, so you don’t have to do it manually.)

The understanding is that the recipient will then “seed” what they get and share and prepay the fragment.

Josh Duggar is a bad dad

It’s scary if you use this technique to distribute photos and videos of child sexual abuse and torture.

If you’re not sure if Josh downloaded all of these files successfully, you may not have received all the “pieces.”

Certainly, it is possible to download many files for the purpose of getting part of the library and finish the download with other files incomplete.

Josh Duggar in the game

That said … In many cases, it’s possible to play a video that hasn’t been downloaded yet.

Going back to the book analogy, if you have 60% of the pages in a book, you can read at least some of it as needed.

Prosecutors may not be able to tell for sure what Josh saw or did not see unless he told the truth.

Anna and Josh Duggar and Baby

Another big question in the minds of many is how Josh learned exactly what he was supposed to do.

It’s true that if they used peer-to-peer software to pirate, he took less precautions than your average person. game of ThronesSeems to be more obsessed with hiding from Anna than the authorities.

But did he consider using these workarounds and programs himself, or did other sick monsters show him how to do this?

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