Josh Duggar to Trial Judge: Set Me Free! I’m Obviously Innocent!


Give Josh Duggar an A of effort.

But then F for everything else he was in his life.

On Monday afternoon, the prosecution summoned the last witness to a child pornography possession case against a former reality star and delegated the proceedings to Dagger’s defense team.

And what did they do first with this control?

Try to finish the trial early.

At one important point yesterday, Josh’s lawyer, Justin Gelfund, was acquitted of both receipt and possession.

The lawyer officially stated that “there is insufficient evidence of known possession” and “there is insufficient evidence that he actually knows the receipt of child pornography by Mr. Dagger.”

Gelfund mainly focused this discussion on James Fottrell’s testimony.

Josh Duggar is the worst

Fottrell, a computer forensic analyst at the Department of Justice, investigated the devices that Duggar had stored at work in early 2019 and was summoned to the stand on Friday.

According to Josh’s lawyer, this expert was unable to establish that Duggar. actually I downloaded one of the sexual graphic materials that he has been accused of downloading.

At least one etc. Horrible video of a baby being tortured..

About two and a half years ago, Fottrell outlined the widespread time and place link between Dagger and the download / viewing of child pornography at his used car dealership and alleged prosecution.

Josh Duggar is a bad dad

“I believe we’ve heard enough evidence to go to the jury,” US assistant attorney Carly Marshall said in response to Gerfund’s allegations.

In court, the prosecutor passed through Fottrell’s forensic evidence.

After hearing both sides, Judge Timothy L. Brooks supported the prosecution.

He said he realized that there was “more than enough evidence” for the trial to proceed as planned.

Josh Duggar looks happy

The judge also said that the evidence presented by the prosecution met the conditions for advancing, “there is a lot of evidence here that suggests a reasonable jury that can be determined to be proprietary.” rice field.

Therefore, the defense’s motion for acquittal was dismissed...

During a four-hour interrogation late last week, Fottler explained what he found on Dagger’s work computer.

He pointed out the cached data and thumbnails that were automatically created when the file was downloaded and accessed. This proves that illegal photos and videos once existed on this device.

Anna Dagger and her terrible husband

He admitted under an oath that doing so was “legally challenging.”

But it’s not impossible.

“Some criminals understand that possession of this type of material is dangerous, so download, view, and delete it,” Fottrell said.

He added that he found a full-size original in one lascivious collection of photos on some of the hard drives holding deleted files.

Josh Duggar close-up

Fottler was summoned to testify to the technical details that allegedly proved Josh’s guilt, but the prosecution summoned Bobby Holt to conclude the case.

Holt, a former very close family friend of the Daggers, said she was there in March 2003. Josh confessed to sexual abuse 5 years old.

Holt vowed that Dagger had said at the time that he was groping under his shirt and trousers, sitting on his lap and reading the Bible, as was the pre-trial heating.

“You don’t forget that. It had a complete impact on our family,” Holt said, adding that her daughter was dating Josh at the time of the incident.

Josh Duggar Mugshot

In April, Josh was arrested for one receipt of child pornography and one possession of child pornography.

The 19 children and Counting Alum were acquitted in court the next day and later released from prison by his designated third-party caretaker, family friends Lacount and Maria Labor.

If convicted of both of these charges, he faces up to 40 years in prison.

The trial will end in a few days.

Josh Duggar to Trial Judge: Set Me Free! I’m Obviously Innocent! Source link Josh Duggar to Trial Judge: Set Me Free! I’m Obviously Innocent!

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