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    Josh Duggar Suffers Major Legal Defeat; Judge DENIES Motion to Have Case Dismissed!

    Josh Duggar is on the verge of trial!

    A shameful former reality star lawyer has worked for months to dismiss Josh’s proceedings.

    Their main goal of having was revealed early on Josh’s trial date has been postponed was No I have more time to prepare, but I’m looking for loopholes that prevent the case from being brought to justice.

    And for their honor, they tried almost everything.

    The defense side Photo of Josh’s hand A police officer violated his civil rights by having him pose for a photo and should be ruled unacceptable.

    They also claimed that police officers might have intentionally Destructed evidence that would exempt Josh When they interviewed one of his colleagues and first returned his cell phone to the man without a thorough search.

    The lawyer is this guy Genuine The culprit, the police just opened his photo app and they would have found a hiding place for child pornography.

    Masked devil

    These are clearly long-term strategies, and thankfully the judge faced them.

    The defense filed five motions to dismiss the evidence, four of which were dismissed at a hearing held on September 27.

    This was the same opportunity Josh left the courtroom with a smile…

    Josh and Anna in court

    At that time, many media outlets speculated that he had received good news from the judge.

    But now it seems that Josh was only maintaining the façade for the TV news camera.

    And that may have been the moment he realized he was really going to jail.

    Josh Duggar is the worst

    Now, Judge Timothy L. Brooks of the US District Court wrote a long note explaining exactly why he refused the motion. By reading the judge’s statement, Josh realized that his fame and his father’s money did not help him here.

    “After the face-to-face preliminary hearing on September 27, 2021, all motions were rejected from the bench,” Judge Brooks wrote.

    “The court has verbally explained the reasons for dismissing the motion. The following order provides further explanation. If the content of this order differs from that stated from the bench, this order will prevail. “

    Josh Duggar is a bad dad

    First, he shot down a ridiculous claim about a photo of Josh’s hand.

    “There is no legal authority to suggest that an agent needs a warrant before taking a picture of Mr. Dagger’s limbs. Mr. Dagger agreed to be taken,” the judge said.

    “Therefore, the fourth amendment Article 4 violation did not occur.”

    Anna and Josh Duggar and Baby

    Regarding the allegations that investigators missed the real criminal last year, Attacked a car dealership owned by Josh, The judge correctly dismissed it as nonsense:

    “The court ruled that the law enforcement decision not to legally search and image certain electronic devices was made in accordance with the sincere belief that no such additional investigation procedure was necessary.” The official ruled against it.

    “There may be good reason to criticize (or lack) the thoroughness of law enforcement agencies regarding cross-examination, but courts have stated that the actions of law enforcement agencies are constitutionally due process that require dismissal of prosecution. I’m not just convincing you to go up to the level of deprivation. To Mr. Dagger. ”

    Josh Duggar looks happy

    Josh’s lawyer also claimed that Josh was torted against his will when an investigator asked him while he was sitting in the backseat of the car.

    “It’s also indisputable that the passenger seat door next to Mr. Dagger wasn’t locked during the interview,” Judge Brooks wrote.

    “Therefore, the court ruled that Mr. Dagger was not detained, and this factor favors the government.”

    Josh Duggar close-up

    In their unlikely Hale Merry attempt, Josh’s lawyer said that the agent who performed the iwt was acting under someone who was “improperly appointed as a deputy secretary” by the Department of Homeland Security. He claimed that the investigation of alleged crimes was illegal.

    Not surprisingly, the judge dismissed the allegation as “flirty,” and “legal to Mr. Dagger’s allegation that an indictment made by a properly appointed grand jury would be dismissed on a motion to violate the appointment clause. There is no support, “he added. “”

    Josh will return to court for a pre-trial meeting starting November 16th, and his hearing will begin on November 30th.

    If he wasn’t nervous before, I’m sure the judge’s notes are causing him great concern.

    Josh Duggar Suffers Major Legal Defeat; Judge DENIES Motion to Have Case Dismissed! Source link Josh Duggar Suffers Major Legal Defeat; Judge DENIES Motion to Have Case Dismissed!

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