Josh Duggar Sentencing: How Many Years Will This Creep Serve?


Do you count it as 19 years?

now Josh Duggar was convicted The next step in receiving and possessing materials of child sexual abuse is sentencing.

Josh has been convicted of two major federal crimes. Each sin has the potential to last for decades.

How long do legal experts say that Josh will actually serve?

Josh was convicted on Thursday, December 9th.

His decision hasn’t been made for at least four months, probably sometime in the spring of 2022.

The months behind the bar, perhaps months spent in protective detention, are just a few of what’s to come.

Josh D

Josh was convicted of two charges, but he was sentenced to only one, so the world needs to tighten themselves.

Josh is convicted of receiving the CSAM, but is not sentenced to possessing it despite the conviction.

The reason is that possession was considered less important for the same crime, and there was less lesser offense.

Josh Duggar and Anna Dagger

As far as Josh’s decision is concerned, we know it’s not short-and he certainly won’t be released over time.

You can rest assured that Josh’s conviction requires a minimum of five years’ imprisonment in federal prison.

On the other hand, the biggest potential ruling is a full 20 years with a hefty $ 250,000 fine.

Mugshot after Josh Duggar

The biggest ruling is not guaranteed-and we shouldn’t raise our hopes, legal experts suggest.

Instead, the actual sentence is likely to fit between the maximum and minimum sentences, and is probably short.

The usual sentence for this crime is eight to twelve years, and it is unclear whether special circumstances such as Josh’s fame or family are sufficient for the judge to extend it.

Photo of Josh Duggar and Anna

You may be wondering why the lesser offense and convictions are at all problematic.

Josh’s lawyer straight away I vowed to appeal the decision.

If one of their many complaints manages to stick and Josh’s accusation of receiving the CSAM disappears, the conviction of ownership remains.

Photo of Josh Duggar

At the state level, people often do not always provide the full text.

Prisoners are released for good deeds, sent to half-hearted homes, or probated.

In many cases this is a good thing. In some cases, the crime is so terrible that releasing someone to the community causes legitimate fear.

Photographs of Anna Dagger and Josh Duggar

Josh’s conviction is the federal government, which means he is likely to make up the majority of the judgment.

Of course, it’s a rough estimate, but a good estimate is about 80%.

Therefore, if Josh was sentenced to 10 years in prison in April 2022, he could be released in 2030.

Photo of Josh Duggar

Josh’s past crimes are well known, but as far as his criminal record is concerned, this is his first crime.

At the time of the judgment, the judge may think on paper that Josh has never committed a crime.

However, the court is not obliged to do so. Sentencing guidelines are the most important.

Josh Duggar is the worst

Millions were fed up with the news that Anna was visibly supporting her husband through all of this.

Yes, she grew up in an abusive cult, but the explanation does not allow her from her duty to protect her child.

Some have naturally wondered if Anna could face some accusations following Josh’s conviction.

Josh and Anna in court

It’s very unlikely because she hasn’t been accused of a crime.

Unfortunately, sticking to a sexual predator is not a crime. It is unlikely that she would even challenge the custody of her children.

Her story is very sad, but not a crime, except for the discovery of a very unlikely bomb that she participated in the acquisition of Josh (she did not).

Josh Duggar in court

There is another angle to consider in all of this: reports that Josh is willing to defeat the rest of his family with him.

He probably knows many other crimes in the cult, hidden like his own crimes, to protect the church.

It’s not clear if he spills beans or if Jim Bob’s money promises during and after his sentence buy his silence.

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