Josh Duggar Interrogation Tapes: What Did We Tell the FBI … And How Will It Affect His Appeal?


6 weeks have passed since Josh Duggar was convicted Regarding allegations of child pornography, we are still learning new information about the investigation that ultimately interfered with this predator.

Thanks to the information disclosure law requirements submitted by the British tabloids Daily mail, Photo of a filthy office where Josh committed a crime Published for the first time this week, it helps highlight the absurdity of the 33-year-old charm.

Josh is the defense counsel An employee named Caleb Williams, Allegedly downloaded Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) using Duggar’s office and computer.

But that debate is a big detriment to office photography.

The stand-alone structure is not large enough for two people to occupy at the same time, and the digital dial lock on the door makes it unlikely that Josh will be able to enter or leave the facility without permission.

No, despite the barbaric conspiracy theories currently being promoted by Josh’s legal team, the most obvious explanation remains the most likely.

CSAM was downloaded by Josh Duggar, a man who owns property, businesses, and computers and has a long history of looting.

Anna Dagger and her terrible husband

Josh’s lie is Daily mail:

The outlet is Recording of Josh being interviewed By a federal agent on the day his workplace was attacked in November 2019.

First, when asked if his office was using a traditional Wi-Fi setup, Josh provided an unnecessarily complicated answer.

Young Josh Duggar

“We had a few different things. In fact, last week I changed that,” he told the FBI.

“I think there are three routers out there, but I honestly can’t remember. But I daisy-chained them so that I could send a lot of routers. This allowed me to reach each edge and reach each edge. You can now take pictures, etc. to post them, “Josh continued.

“Our cell service isn’t that great, so it’s in the valley. Now I’m probably connecting two routers there, one longer and the other more. It’s nearby. “

Josh Duggar is the worst

Josh didn’t get splendid It’s high tech in his response, but it’s clear that he knows what he’s talking about, and that he has a clear understanding of the Wi-Fi configuration of his business.

This is important because his lawyer previously claimed that Josh had basically no computer knowledge.

Asked if his Wi-Fi is password protected, Josh gave another guilty answer.

Mugshot after Josh Duggar

“I think one of them is, but I think one of them is like a guest network, so I think we’re separating them now,” he said.

“Last week, the main router was open, so I changed the router configuration.”

If you follow Josh’s case closely, you’ll see that passwords have a huge impact on court dramas.

Josh D

Prosecutors claimed that the network and computer used to download the CSAM were both protected by a password known only to Josh.

The defense argued that the password could have been easily guessed by the employee, even if it was true.

In trying to pinpoint the crime against Williams, Josh’s lawyer went further in the discussion, with this particular employee knowing the password and having full access to everything in Josh’s office, including a private Wi-Fi connection. I insist that I can.

Photo of Josh Duggar

Therefore, they plan to argue that Josh tinkered with security settings a week ago and shared new information with Williams, even if he already had serious suspicions about the man at that time. I think.

At other times in the interview, Josh disguised himself as ignorant about the Internet settings in his office.

“That is, I know, I think you can say,” Dagger answered a question about how he uses computers on a daily basis.

Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar

When asked how many devices contained peer-to-peer programs such as TorBrowser used to download CSAM, Josh replied “probably all” as if it were common on used car dealer office computers. rice field.

“I have quite a few questions about it …. I’m just curious, do you say you have images uploaded or downloaded?” Dagger surveyed. I asked when the nature of the was revealed.

Josh’s office computer says “Covenant Eyes“His wife, Anna, used it to monitor his internet activity.

Photographs of Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar

Josh set up a Linux partition to allow different operating systems to be used on the same computer, bypassing monitoring software.

His lawyers claim that he does not have the level of expertise that makes it possible to perform such operations, and they point out the more sinister part of his interview as evidence.

But Josh has been proud of his technical abilities in the past.

Josh Duggar in the game

And if a colleague is trying to frame him to download child pornography, why does the guy spend so much time hiding his activity?

Of course, we always knew that Josh’s charm was rooted in BS.

But we thought it would be a little more difficult to disprove BS about the amount he was bombarding for defense!

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