Josh Duggar: Here’s Why a Photo of His Hands Might Lead to a Conviction


It seems obvious to most who have seen this situation progress in the past few months. Josh Duggar will go to jail soon a month of Sundays.

Josh was arrested on suspicion of child pornography Back in April, the legal controversy that preceded his trial. Each side gave us a pretty good idea of ​​how to have their discussions in front of the judge.

Basically, the prosecution has a lot of evidence of Josh’s guilt, but the defense may be able to cast a shadow of suspicion about Josh’s guilt if they make the water turbid enough. I don’t expect it.

Unfortunately for Dagger and his best team, the task looks more difficult every day.

Earlier today we reported it Former colleague of Josh Is working with investigators and may testify when the case is brought to trial on November 30.

(Of course, that’s if Josh’s lawyer wasn’t successful Postpone the hearing date Once again-what they have already done and are trying to do again. )

That’s very bad news for Josh, and his lawyer’s attempts to blind prosecutors have repeatedly leveled off.

Last week, for example, they tried to get rid of important evidence.

Investigators apparently took a picture of Josh’s hand shortly after Josh was arrested in April.

Obviously, the scars on one of Josh’s hands match certain criminal photos found on his computer, so these photos can be important when the case is brought to justice.

Now, alleging that Homeland Security agents are infringing on the client’s rights, the defense has applied to determine that these photographs are unacceptable as evidence.

“What’s particularly terrible? [Homeland Security’s] The action in this position was that parts of the dagger’s body had to be manipulated and pose for the photo, “they said.

“Anyway, this constitutes search and intrusion into’ [his] “Personal Rights”-all in the absence of his defense counsel-violates his fourth, fifth, and sixth amendment rights. “

The prosecution argues that “displaying the physical characteristics of the accused,” such as photographs, does not fall under the right of Article 5 of the Amendment to Nemo Tenetur.

They say that the rules for taking pictures of suspects for use as evidence apply only to “significant stages of the criminal procedure” and not to regular arrests and mugshot sessions.

DA also points out that Dagger “voluntarily agreed” to take a picture.

The photo now seems to be accepted as evidence, but the details are currently sealed and it is unclear how the photo could affect the trial.

In any case, the wall looks like it’s approaching Josh.

While several families, including his wife Anna, are convinced of his innocence in other parts of the world, it seems clear that Josh is heading to jail.

Oddly, Anna believes it Josh was surrounded by the Biden administration, And would not have been arrested if Trump had been reelected.

We go out on the limbs and speculate that his lawyer will not use the argument in court.

Josh Duggar: Here’s Why a Photo of His Hands Might Lead to a Conviction Source link Josh Duggar: Here’s Why a Photo of His Hands Might Lead to a Conviction


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