Josh Duggar Granted New Court Motion, Still Planning to Appeal Verdict


Josh Duggar has not given up hope.

At least not yet.

On Wednesday, Duggar’s chief attorney, Justin Gelfand, was granted a motion seeking “additional time to file a post-trial claim.”

Gelfund is the same lawyer who vowed to appeal the client’s conviction shortly after being read out loud in court last month, and this appeal is at the heart of this new request.

The deadline for filing is typically 30 days after the verdict is given, so submission gives Duggar’s legal team an additional 10 days to file a post-trial claim.

“The defense has ordered a record of the case in this matter, and a court reporter has informed us that the record will be completed next week,” a court document said.

“Because we need a transcript for a particular problem [Josh] I intend to raise it in a motion after his trial, [Josh] We respectfully request that the court grant this request for an additional 10-day short extension for filing his motion so that written records are available.

“And to have a more accurate record that this court should consider [Josh’s] Movement. “

Anna, Josh Duggar Photo Together

Josh and his lawyer now need to officially appeal the former conviction until January 19.

Will they succeed?

Is it possible that the dagger will actually be free?

I don’t know what Gelfund lists as the basis for his complaint, but that’s very unlikely. The charm of the dagger Will work in his favor.

Josh Duggar close-up

“Whenever there is a criminal conviction, and especially when the defendant has money, there is an appeal,” legal analyst Emily D. Baker told our friends in Ashley last month. did.

“what [Josh’s attorneys] It will be interesting to see what you choose to appeal. I think they will appeal to the judge, as Bobie Holt can testify.

“They may resort to their move to eliminate her testimony.”

Holt is a family friend who elaborated on how she was told many years ago. Dagger molested a 5-year-old child While she was sitting on her lap … and he was reading the Bible to her.

Josh Duggar is a bad dad

Josh’s legal team sought (and failed) to abandon his history of child abuse as evidence that the prosecution could now use against him. New arrival Trial of child sexual abuse.

“At the end of the day, I didn’t see anything that could be appealed from this trial,” Baker concluded that Josh could win the appeal.

“I think the judge was very fair, the jury’s instructions were very clear, and the evidence was very overwhelming.

“I can’t find anything based on what I know about the incident that leads me to go. They should appeal to it and they may win.”

Josh Duggar Back in the Day

Duggar was convicted on December 9th with two counts of possession of p0rnography.

He was sentenced to years (perhaps somewhere between 10 and 20) this spring and is currently detained at a detention center that does not allow direct visits.

The end of last year, Josh was put in a cell Because of his personal safety concerns.

Frankly, pedophiles rarely work in prison.

Josh Duggar is the worst

“We respect the jury’s verdict and look forward to continuing this in the appeal,” Gerfide added after Dagger learned of his legal fate.

“We will appeal at the right time.”

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