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    Josh Duggar: Did He Use Political Career to Hide Interest in Children?

    Josh Duggar has been Synonyms for sex crimes and sexual predation It’s easy to forget that he wasn’t always.

    There was a time when Josh was considered a “good” member of the Dagger family with a promising political future.

    At that time, his political activity on social media was loud and candid.

    Some of those same messages aren’t out of date at all. Some now look hypocritical. Was it all just a smoke screen?

    Earlier this year, Josh Duggar was arrested and charged with receiving and possessing truly vicious material.

    He has been accused of downloading photos and videos of a girl who has been sexually abused.

    Unfortunately, this is not the first time Josh has been associated with a sex crime involving a small child.

    Josh Duggar looks happy

    In 2015, it was revealed that when Josh was a teenager, he molested five young girls we knew.

    Four of the girls were his own sisters. One of the victims was as young as five years old.

    Apparently, the Daggers’ claim that Josh was forgiven and wanted his impulses to magically disappear didn’t work for them.

    Masked devil

    This is not news for any of us following the Dagger Clan, whose levels of fear and despair are rising.

    But again. It’s a good memory to compare who Josh was with how he portrayed it before we knew it.

    Josh once rubbed his elbows with his fellow slime balls, oozing out the path through politics. His social media at the time reflected that.

    Josh Duggar-Ted Cruz Photo

    In May 2015, Josh Duggar used Twitter to support the anti-abortion law.

    “HR36 is about protecting small humans from simple, simple, intolerable pain. #Theyfeelpain,” he writes.

    He mentioned the “Painful Fetal Protection Act,” a federal bill banning abortion 20 weeks after fertilization.

    Josh Duggar

    The bill, first introduced in 2013, passed parliament several times, but never.

    (Tell me what you do about filibuster and its problematic history, but even the worst systems can sometimes be used forever)

    Josh’s support is not surprising. But aside from the issue of human reproductive rights, his argument is as old as old milk.

    Josh Duggar in the game

    Recently, an old tweet has caught the attention of Reddit users.

    The user who posted the tweet said, “At so many levels, we are young.”

    After all, it seems clear enough Protect small humans It’s not one of Josh’s priorities.

    Piano Josh Duggar

    “It shows how easy it is to wear a fake persona. It’s annoying,” commented one user.

    It is well known that abortion bans are sometimes pushed out by politicians who have paid (or claimed) abortion to hide the case.

    While not in itself a counter-argument to the ban (why do you pull hypocrisy into the mix when there are so many good counter-arguments?), Josh’s double-sided tweets are at another level.

    Josh Duggar and his son

    Little girls have names, emotions, favorite colors, hopes, fears and dreams. There is everything that a 20-week-old foetation does not have.

    Where is Josh’s alleged compassion and desire to protect these very realistic living children?

    I wonder why troubled social media commentators are happy with the video that is ruining a girl’s life to protect a banana-sized foetation.

    Josh Duggar is a bad dad

    It’s easy to argue that no one who opposes the right to abortion really cares, but that’s not true.

    There are many true believers in the movement, misguided or not.

    But … it doesn’t mean that Josh cares about real children, as many others use the wedge issue to get voting and political capital.

    Josh Duggar Mugshot

    Meanwhile, Josh’s trial is scheduled for November 30th.

    It is estimated that it may be dragged until December 3rd. It will be longer than some exams, but much shorter than other exams.

    Josh had his legal team file a series of allegations to thwart prosecution and attempt to puncture their case.

    Josh and Anna throwback

    One of Josh’s recent requests was to reject the case altogether.

    The judge denied the request. Josh will continue to be tried as planned.

    Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to affect how he is seen by his wife.

    Josh and Anna in court

    Anna Dagger was recently seen smiling or perhaps grinning beside him.

    All reports are very consistent in proving that she is firmly Team Josh.

    Apparently, lies are considered sinful in family beliefs, so Anna believes Josh is telling the truth.

    Anna and Josh Duggar

    She seems convinced that the incident is probably nothing but some kind of persecution or mental aggression.

    If Josh is convicted and convicted and Anna has to face being a de facto seven single mother, the world wonders how she reacts.

    It’s … a tough thing to consider.

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