Jonas Brothers and Joe Biden Promote Vaccines on Viral TikTok Video – Hollywood Life


Jonas Brothers stopped by the White House for a special TikTok-inspired team-up with President Joe Biden to encourage citizens to vaccinate.

Jonas Brothers When they teamed up with the president, they came to the White House on Friday for a special visit Joe Biden For their hilarious take Recent Viral TikTok Video People are discussing and vaccinated with President “Byron”.Funny videos start with Joe Jonas In front of “Bimbon!” Nick Mouth, “Are you vaccinated?” So Kevin Jump out of the box and say “Yes, sir!”

The clip then returns to Nick, who asks: Who is the president? Joe replies, “Byron!” In front of Kevin, repeat “Byron!”.

The brothers then end the video as Joe asks, “What do you want to tell Joe Biden now?” Kevin and Nick then take on the virus reply. Take me to dinner. After they finish imitating Original video, Kevin breaks his personality and asks, “Did we get it?” And the camera, as he says, pans the video to the president who was “taping”.
In addition, POTUS himself commented Nick’s Instagram Share In the video, he wrote, “It’s pronounced Biden people — thank you for stopping by!”
Jonas Brothers, Joe Biden (Andrew H. Walker / Gemnua Marasinge / AP / Shutterstock).

This move is part of the White House’s leading collaborative effort to vaccinate more people as the COVID-19 pandemic rages. Omicron variant..During the summer, the White House brought in teenage superstars Olivia Rodrigo To help encourage young people to get vaccinated. The “driver’s license” singer looked great in a pink and black patterned tweed skirt and jacket, which helped spread a very important message in the prevention of the coronavirus.

During her visit, Olivia talked about the importance of vaccines at a press conference and thanked the White House spokesman. Jen Psaki And the reporters who helped her spread the word. “I am honored and humbled to be here today to help spread the message about the importance of vaccination for young people. I am in awe of President Biden’s work. increase Dr. Fauci I am pleased to be able to provide my support for this important initiative, “she said. “It’s important to talk to friends and family. Encourage all communities to vaccinate and actually visit vaccination sites. This is the number of sites and how easy it is to search. Given that it’s easier than ever to do. With a vaccine .gov. “

Jonas Brothers and Joe Biden Promote Vaccines on Viral TikTok Video – Hollywood Life

Source link Jonas Brothers and Joe Biden Promote Vaccines on Viral TikTok Video – Hollywood Life

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