JoJo Was So Upset About ‘Leave (Get Out)’ Being Her First Single, She Cried


JoJo has been a pop music fixture since 2004 when she was 13 years old. There is no doubt that you remember “Leave (Get Out)”, an R & B pop smash that soundtracked many junior high school relationships.

But, of course, JoJo has grown exponentially since then. Following “Leave (Get Out)”, “Too Little Too Late” appeared and came in 3rd place. BillboardHot 100. The record label Limbo soon followed, but JoJo bounced back more powerfully in 2016 than ever before. Crazy loveA victorious album that typically felt her.

Since then, it has been an important element of her music. The essence of JoJo, the heartfelt and vulnerable, undeniable R & B influence, pervades her new EP. Don’t think about it Get out now. “I’m really excited,” she says. Glamour.. “And there’s tension behind that excitement. It’s not a shock to be nervous because I’m always nervous before releasing something. I’m looking forward to it. [the EP] To be with people, and to have and experience it with them. ”

But before we look forward to new music, let’s look back.for GlamourLatest version of 5 songs, 5 stories, JoJo reveals the inspiration behind her most important track. Read (and listen to) the following.

“Worst (I guess)”

The lead singles “Trying Not to Think About It” and “Worst (I Assume)” place Jojo’s unbelievable vocals in the front and center, thinking that old behavior is flowing into new relationships. ..

This was the first session with Tiara Thomas, a really dope artist and songwriter who was actually on the tour schedule in October.She just won this year’s song Oscar And that Grammy Awards.. We hit it right away in the studio. It took the producers about an hour to get there, and we started talking about their life stories and relationships, and where we are. I was talking to her about my new relationship and how to project my fears. We were talking about projection and fear vs. love and sabotage, how to bring what happened to us in the past into our present, and how harmful it is. ..

So it really just started with a conversation, and I don’t want to do the same thing, and I don’t want to maintain the same protection mechanism that is actually harmful to a positive and healthy relationship. Through a lot of awareness and being terribly vulnerable to each other, and we just realized that we were involved in some things. And I wrote about it.

“Say So” (with PJ Morton)

“Say So” won the Grammy Award for Best R & B Song in 2020. A true duet of Morton and Jojo, this track brings a fresh breath to classic topics. To make the relationship transparent.

I’m a big fan of PJ Morton and have been following each other for a while. I am very inspired by his whole story. As an artist in general, he’s very inspired by what he’s doing in New Orleans and his journey to sign a major label, put it in a box and then say: “I have to take a step myself. Do things your own way.” And doing that paid him a lot. That was when he won the Grammy Awards and started selling out the tour. I’m really impressed.

So when he sent me this song, it was very timely. It hit me when I was in the situationship, and there was no clarity. Reaching the limits, I think, “You need to know what’s going on. Do you love me or want to be with me? Because I can’t stay in this frontier.” Was there. So when he sent me a song, it was very immediate to me, as if I wanted to sing with him. I realized that my future perspective changed dramatically and I could follow my internal organs. Believing that I was the captain of my ship, I was able to do the collaboration I wanted to do. Really accept my foundation and heart rooted in R & B.

“Marvin’s Room” (Drake cover)

JoJo’s 2011 cover of this Drake Deep Cut was spread by word of mouth. In it, she flipped the script and told Fuckboy that he would never be better than her.

Again, this was inspired by a boy who made me angry and ridiculous. A friend of mine sent me the song. I had a hangover on the sofa somewhere in New York City. I was at the party stage of my life, trying to distract myself, get out of my mind, and feel nothing.Or feel All.. I was also trying not to think about this idiot boy I was dating at the time. So when this song was sent, I was made to think about how to deal with it as a woman. It immediately inspired me.

So I asked my friend at the time if he could reproduce a very simple, cool and atmospheric track. They were able to do that. When I returned to LA that night, I was writing something on the plane while listening on my headphones, so I recorded it that night and played it for the manager. It wasn’t a single for Drake, but it felt like “I really liked it.”So we put it Up wrap, This is this website that has been very helpful to me for many years. And it was really in vogue, and then many other artists put their own spins on it. Drake showed love for it.

“Too late”

“Too Little Too Late” is probably JoJo’s biggest hit. It certainly has her most infectious chorus. The subject of the song is straightforward: the boy wants to get the girl back after the shit, but to my surprise it’s too late. JoJo said her reaction to this track was immediate.

I really believed in “Too Little Too Late”. From the moment the song was sent, I thought it should be the first single on the second album. I like it very much. I was so absorbed in it that I felt like, “What a hell, I can’t wait to record this song.”

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