Saturday, September 18, 2021

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    Johnson wins Commons backing for health and social care levy

    The latest information on social care in the UK

    Boris Johnson won a majority of the comfortable 61-vote House of Commons in a plan to break his manifesto of raising taxes to fund health and social care, but skeptical Tories Demanded evidence that the policy would bring results.

    Many conservatives Raise £ 12bn annually with additional tax Instead of disappearing into the NHS’s “black hole,” hospital waiting lists are significantly reduced and social care is improved.

    Former Cabinet Minister Andrew Mitchell needs a Treasury representative to come to the House of Commons every six months to explain what has been achieved with the new “health and social care levy.” Said.

    “In other words, what additional treatments have been achieved-our members see and show why we are right to raise this levy and what they are getting for the money. To be able to do it. “

    Johnson pushed through with many Tory lawmakers hostile to the proposed tax increase Health and social care tax collection bill At a tremendous speed before the opposition coalesces.

    The bill, with 317 to 256 votes on Tuesday, was read a second time, an important step in the Commons. Six Tories, John Baron, Christopher Chope, Philip Davies, Dehenna Davison, Ben Evalit, and Esther McVey, voted against the government.

    Although many conservative lawmakers abstained, the 61-vote victory margin was similar to the majority of the 71-vote members secured by Johnson. Voted for the principles of the bill last week.

    Finance Minister Steve Berkley said the government’s plans “make an extraordinary difference in the lives of millions of people across the country,” with £ 36 billion spent on the NHS and social welfare over a three-year period.

    National insurance contributions to employers and employees will increase by 1.25 percentage points in April 2022, similar to the taxation of dividends. NIC increase Violation of the Conservative 2019 Manifest..

    Most of the extra money is initially sent to medical services to reduce the backlog of over 5 million waiting lists, and Health Minister Sajid Javid could reach 13m without urgent action. Is warned.

    Tory lawmakers are afraid that the NHS spends most of its money and leaves little to improve social care. plan Includes a £ 86,000 cap on the amount an individual can spend on adult social care costs.

    The Finance Minister wants taxpayers to demand reforms and improvements in the NHS when pay slips contain certain “health and social care levies” elements.

    Berkeley said he met with NHS leaders in Downing Street on Monday to discuss plans to provide more treatment, admitting that it was a “house-wide concern.”

    Richard Drax, a conservative backbencher, asked if the Treasury approved the appointment of “43 new executives for £ 270,000 a year” at the NHS.

    Another former cabinet minister, Andrea Leadsom, said her members were concerned that “all salary increases at the NHS will be borne by the manager rather than the frontline operators.”

    Johnson wins Commons backing for health and social care levy Source link Johnson wins Commons backing for health and social care levy

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