John Szczecina: $24K raised for Rancho Cordova gas manager – Riverside, California


Riverside, California 2022-06-23 01:31:48 –

John Szczecina was fired because he made a mistake at a gas station that set the price of premium gas at just 69 cents per gallon.

Rancho Cordoba, California — Update: June 22, 10 pm

The fundraiser for Rancho Cordova Gas Station Manager, who mistakenly priced premium petrol at 60 cents per gallon, is now heading for his supportive family.

The GoFundMe account was initially set up to repay the gas company, but the creator of GoFundMe said the gas company didn’t accept the funds.

“This was a mistake, but John (Szczecina) was fired last week and is doing his best to help his family. During this difficult time, he paid his living expenses and invoices to help John and his family. Funds will be used to do this. ” According to a GoFundMe post..

The poster said people could request a refund from GoFundMe because the cause is different from what people originally donated. here.. Requests must be submitted by June 28th. From then on, the rest of the donation will be sent to Szczecina and his family.

A GoFundMe The page is currently over $ 24,000 Gas station manager fired In Rancho Cordova, I made a mistake in pricing premium gas at 69 cents per gallon.

This is quite different from the average price of gas in California, about $ 6.40. In Sacramento, the cost of premium gas per gallon is about $ 6.74. AAA..

As of Monday, more than 1,000 people have donated to fundraising. There are various reasons.

“I thought this story was worth a gallon of gasoline. Good luck,” writes Leonardo Hernandez.

John Schechina was fired from Shell’s gas station after making a mistake at the gas station. ABC7.. Hundreds of drivers got hours of cheap petrol before the mistake of a gas station costing $ 16,000 was discovered. ABC7..

“I met you and had a good chat with you at this gas station. I’m sorry, you have to deal with all of this … my contribution can help you a little. I hope! “Written by Jason Zedlitz.

clock: “Backwardation” California reaches $ 6.37 per gallon, but could drop to $ 4.

Others have heard him and wrote that they donated to Hawaii.

“John, I donated to be the breath of fresh air in this world where you accepted the responsibility for your mistakes and accepted the results. [am] I am very sorry that this happened to you, and I hope you will end up with a very happy outcome. With love and aloha from Kauai! “Nancy Williams writes.

Top donations include $ 1,000, $ 300, and $ 200.

Fuel Saving Tips

Gas costs are likely to remain high for now, so AAA can share these tips to help people save on fuel costs.

  • Inflate the tire properly
  • Slow down and drive the speed limit
  • Avoid idling to warm the engine
  • Use cruise control to maintain constant speed and save gas

Crimson Renewable Energy turns used cooking oil into biodiesel

John Szczecina: $24K raised for Rancho Cordova gas manager Source link John Szczecina: $24K raised for Rancho Cordova gas manager

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