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    John and Beth join the battle – Season 4 Episode 9 Summary – Hollywood Life

    In the penultimate episode of “Yellowstone” Season 4, all the key characters appeared at the turning point. John was hit by a bomb exposure that would change his relationship with Beth forever.

    It’s no wonder Beth is a little upset by John and Lip. Crusaders in the cafeteria.. Beth asks Lip why John didn’t stop coming in and saving the day. “Beth, I can’t stop your dad from doing anything,” says Lip. “I can help him or see him.”

    Lip wonders why Beth isn’t worried about him. She admits she isn’t worried about him. “I know nothing is happening to you,” says Beth. Lip knows that one day death will come for him. “It happens to all of us,” Lip tells Beth.

    Carter and lip-on “Yellowstone”. (Paramount Network)

    When John arrived at the stables in the morning, he decided to teach Carter how to ride. He doesn’t take it easy with his children. At one point he told Carter to “ride silently.” John takes Carter to the Buffalo Valley and tells him the story of the origin of what the place has become. John explains to Carter that nothing is fair in life.

    Christine learns the truth about Garrett

    John catches him and Beth throws a coffee mug at him. She hates going into the fire soon after he’s about to die. “The next time you die, I don’t want you to come back to life,” says Beth. “Dad, I’m fighting hard for you. You don’t do anything to help me,” she adds.

    Even if Beth tells him to stop, John isn’t going to stop what he thinks is right. Beth wants to know where the justice of the person who tried to kill him is. She is still convinced that Jamie is the one who made a hit with Duttons.John describes all that rigging, but still Garrett Randall Connection. When the conversation goes nowhere, Beth blows away the storm. After Beth leaves, Summer calls John and says DA is seeking life imprisonment to protest the airport.

    Kevin Costner as John Dutton. (Paramount Network)

    In the wake of John’s press conference, Jamie believes his governor’s campaign is DOA. Christine believes John gave Jamie his entire slogan. Jamie is all about progress.She tells John to do everything he says Do not conduct. Christine believes it’s the right time to fold his true dad, but Jamie quickly puts it in a bud. Jamie reveals to Christine that his father was in jail for murdering his mother, and Christine quickly changes her tone.

    Now Christine urges Jamie to keep a distance between himself and Garrett. This is all that opponents need to fill Jamie’s campaign. Garrett tells Christine that he’s not wrong and tells Jamie that he’ll go under the radar as needed. Jamie doesn’t want to do that, but if he wants to win he may have no choice.

    John is hit by a bomb

    John goes to the interim sheriff about the summer incident. It is clear that this new sheriff is not Sheriff Haskel. They obey the old rules, but are now enforced.

    Summer asks John to talk to the judge. He wants to save the card and instead she wants to apologize to the judge. “I shouldn’t have listened to your daughter,” Summer says, dropping a bomb on John. Summer explains that Beth was the one who made the news and told her to continue protesting. After that, John promises to release her from now on. He is clearly incredibly angry.

    John and Garrett cross the road in the cafeteria. Garrett accused John of being put in jail. “I raised your son with love and respect. I made him him today. If he chooses to cancel it to you, I can’t stop it.” John talks to Garrett. If he comes for him, he promises to “remove the world” of Garrett.

    In Texas, Jimmy found a true love with Emily. He really settled down in life in Texas, but he was told he would return to Montana. He goes to Emily before leaving and asks her to wait for him.

    John & Beth Fight

    Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton. (Paramount Network)

    At the lodge, John peeing tells Beth that he’s eating in the dining room tonight. Lip and Carter leave home soon. Beth goes up alone and John immediately brings up the summer situation. Beth doesn’t care about summer. She cares only about the group of selected people, and summer is not one of them. John says she needs to have morals about how to fight. He wants to fight with dignity. He orders no more collateral damage. He says what Beth did was cruel.

    “Beth, I didn’t expect you to feel this way,” John told her daughter, adding that she was disappointed. He didn’t expect to say so about her. “Maybe it’s best to fight on this alone. Maybe it’s best for you to go somewhere while I’m doing it,” says John. Beth replies, “This is my house.” Before he leaves, he says, “It may be time to find something else.” Beth didn’t look so upset.

    Beth appears in the bankhouse. She looks at Carter, Lips, and more from a distance. Walker notices her and comes to the door to say she looks sad. “I lost one that I fought for a lifetime,” says Beth. She asked him to play a sad song. They go to the stables. She cries while he is playing, and Lip sees her collapse.

    The episode ends with Case traveling with Mo and Rainwater. They take him to a remote location and leave him to his own device to perform the ritual. This is Case’s turning point.

    John and Beth join the battle – Season 4 Episode 9 Summary – Hollywood Life

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