Joe Exotic Resentenced: Tiger King Star to Leave Prison HOW Much Sooner?


Joseph Maldonado-Passage is well known as Joe Exotic and probably Tiger KingFirst season of.

The first season was because he was sentenced to 22 years in prison for murder plans and numerous animal cruelty.

Last year, as part of his ongoing battle to escape justice, Joe hired a new lawyer to get him out of jail..

On Friday, January 28th, a federal judge issued a new decision … and Joe is leaving earlier than expected.

Perhaps when Joe wanted to get out earlier, he wanted a cursed monkey’s paw.

In his case, the cursed tiger’s paw.

At a hearing in federal court on Friday, his decision was amended from 22 to 21.

Joe Exotic and friends

Yes: Joe Exotic’s imprisonment 1 Year.

Joe appealed to the court for generosity.

He will soon begin treatment for early-stage cancer.

Exotic Joe at the zoo

“Don’t let me die in jail waiting for a chance to be free,” Joe begged in court.

Court witnesses explained that the shameful former zoo owner is holding his ridiculous mullet.

However, the bleached blonde had faded from his hair and was replaced by the 58-year-old natural brown and gray.

Carole Baskin, husband

It’s no wonder that Carole Baskin and her husband, Howard Baskin, attended the hearing.

After all, the first murder program targeted Carol, aiming to end her life and her activities.

“He continues to have strong malice against me,” Carroll told the judge, fearing that Joe’s release could endanger her life.

Meet Joe Exotic

Carroll shared that even Joe’s imprisonment did not dull his temper towards her.

She told the judge that she had been “sneaky, abusive, and threatening communication” for the past two years.

In addition, she fears that Joe could be even more threatening now that Joe has an unimaginable fan base.

Carole Baskin snapshot

Sadly, some people aren’t adopting critical thinking when looking at Netflix documentaries or at other times.

There was a real supporter of Joe Exotic, who wore a shirt and displayed a sign asking him to release the criminal.

Joe’s abominable crime against animals and his plans to kill Carol clearly do not justify prison time in the eyes of some.

Dillon Passage and Joe Exotic

Joe’s lawyer has notified the court that their client has been diagnosed with stage 1 prostate cancer.

In addition, he is reported to have an illness that jeopardizes his immune system.

Both of these factors make him at increased risk of COVID-19, especially in prisons and prisons.

Joe Exotic & Baby Cub

Joe has announced that he will postpone treatment until he is indignant.

His lawyer lamented in court that he did not receive adequate medical care within the federal prison ruling.

The time behind Joe’s bar was characterized as “Joe’s death sentence he doesn’t deserve.”

Joe Exotic and Dillon Passage Outdoors

Many who are critical of the loose US penalties for cruelty to animals are likely to disagree about what Joe Exotic deserves.

However, it is certainly true that many imprisoned Americans have been unnecessarily endangered during this pandemic.

This is tragic, but the court has clearly recognized that it is not a reason to have dangerous and potentially murderous celebrities roam the streets.

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