Joe Biden’s Weakness: Can the President Revive His Sinking Popularity? | Joe Biden


Even in the familiar White House Disability and frustration, Thursday’s vaccination obligations and retreat of voting rights came as a hammer blow.

Apart from the immediate derailment of the Joe Biden administration’s two major policy beliefs Vaccine ruling By the Supreme Court, which followed shortly after Democratic Senator Kyrsten Cinema Public assassination In his voting reform efforts, he prompted a new round of questions about whether his presidency was destined.

Importantly, the midterm elections later this year, when Republicans were told to regain control of both houses, caused serious anguish about what Biden’s tragedy meant for the Democratic fate.

Biden’s popularity is declining – in one vote this week 33% new low – And with another Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, he has already capsized the president’s flagship. $ 1.75tn Buildback improvements Some analysts say domestic spending plans lack time to impress voters prior to the November poll.

“The first year is gone. Larry Sabato, founder and director of the University of Virginia Political Center, mentioned a long but fruitless discussion with Manchin about the composition of the plan and eventually said nothing. Didn’t. “Manchin led him to a rosy patch and then threw him into a briar patch.” Can you change that? You changed it, well, I’m here I don’t like this. Oh, you changed it, well, there are two things … “

Sabat further said: That’s because he was considered experienced and competent. What exactly is the experience we have gained? I don’t know how I got here. “

Some of Biden’s misfortunes, according to Sabbath, were not made directly by himself.He has repeatedly tried to change the minds of both Manchin and Cinema, but these days it seems to have failed. Midnight parley At the White House on Thursday to save his agenda.

Kyrsten Cinema blocks filibuster reform as Biden continues to “fight” for voting rights – video

However, Mr. Sabbath also believes that the president has dealt with a variety of situations and that the advisor’s instructions are inadequate, especially with regard to the Covid-19 pandemic. Runaway inflation, And last year Chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, Combined to keep Biden exposed.

Regarding inflation, Mr. Sabbath said: They downplay it and intend to tame it by the middle of the year. Maybe but I’m surprised. “

Regarding Afghanistan, Sabbath said Biden “thrown it away again.”

“Almost everyone in the Democrats and Republicans was willing to escape Afghanistan, so that could have been a big plus if done correctly. His team’s performance was very bad. What are they? Didn’t you know what would happen? He is responsible for his adviser, so he can be blamed for it. “

On Friday, White House spokesman Jen Psaki announced that the president would hold a rare formal press conference next Wednesday to commemorate his first year in office.In addition to answering difficult questions about the failure of the administration, Byden has succeeded, ie. $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill He signed in November, $ 1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Plan From last spring.

Seemingly tired of Thursday’s refusal, on Friday afternoon, the more buoyant Biden himself, accompanied by former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrew, appointed to oversee the implementation of infrastructure legislation. Continued the briefing.

“There’s a lot of talk about disappointment and what we haven’t achieved. We’re going to do many of them, I might add,” Biden said. “But this is [infrastructure] That’s what we’ve accomplished, and it has a huge impact on the country. “

Some analysts suggest that past glorious propaganda shows a lack of confidence in what can still be achieved in nearly a decade to the mid-term. Seemed to admit “I don’t know if this can be achieved,” he said Thursday after Capitol Hill met with the Democrats over the right to vote.

Biden praises “monumental progress” when Democrats pass infrastructure bills – video

The obstacles before Biden are certainly considerable.They have hit the Democratic internal division between progressives and moderates, the Republican obstruction in Congress, and some blows already, in the Supreme Court, which appears to be ready this summer. Extends to the conservative supermajority created by Donald Trump Overturning the right to abortion for 50 years..

Still, Biden is trying to save him what he can do, as he is promised a few months of testing. “Like all other major civil rights bills issued, if we missed the first, we can go back and try it again,” he said of the voting efforts. Told to.

Similarly, he could attempt to pass individual elements of the Senate moderate-accepted buildback better program to Congress, including universal pre-kindergarten education, subsidized childcare, and many climate regulations. There is sex.

“They might try to get a piece of Build Back Better or remake what we’re calling now, but everyone would describe it as crumbs from the table. “Sabat said.

“If they started from that, people would say,’Wow, it’s incredibly pre-kindergarten for everyone,’ or whatever work they decided to choose, it really was. It didn’t matter. But now it will look to people as this little piece of what the president started, [and] A tremendous disappointment in the democratic class. By the end of the story, you won’t even know what’s gone. “

Biden, who turned 81 in the 2024 presidential election last November, Intention to run in the second term..

At least publicly, he retains his party’s support, but the Washington Post reported in December. Dissatisfied rumbling In a democratic circle about his leadership. This week’s Wall Street Journal opinion piece cites the unpopularity of both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Hillary Clinton’s comebackThe Democratic candidate, who was beaten by Trump in 2016, to fill what the author called the “leadership gap.”

This week’s disappointment re-emerged the possibility of an alternative Democratic ticket for 2024, and Washington Post columnist and political analyst Perry Bacon Jr. said, “There are a lot of strong candidates if Biden and Harris don’t run. I have. “

“Biden hasn’t deciphered some magical political code. Despite his appeal for white masculineness and unity, Washington is at a standstill, Republican voters hate the president, and his party is mid-term. I’m ready to go wrong. ” Bacon wrote On Friday. “It looks like Biden will run in 2024 and lose to the Republican challenger. Democrats may be better off with new people.”

Joe Biden’s Weakness: Can the President Revive His Sinking Popularity? | Joe Biden

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