Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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    Joe Biden and Xi Jinping make a second phone to reset the relationship

    The latest information on Sino-US relations

    Joe Biden, after the meeting of the two top-level has not been little progress, the second phone since taking office to President of the United States in order to break the impasse of the relations between the two countries, the Chinese leader Xi Jinping Was done.

    The White House said the two leaders had a “wide and strategic debate” and Biden “emphasized the United States’ lasting interest in peace, stability and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific and the world.”

    The White House also said it had discussed “the responsibilities of both countries to prevent competition from being involved in conflict.” The discussion took place in Washington on Thursday night.

    Biden demanded a call after the White House concludes that Chinese officials who met with U.S. respondents this year “do not want to engage in serious or substantive conversations,” according to U.S. officials. ..

    “What we got is a normal issue designed more for promotional purposes,” officials said before the call. “President Xi has truly centralized power in some fairly prominent ways. [so] Engagement at the leader level is very likely to be what you really need to move the ball forward. ”

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan met with China’s Supreme Diplomat Yang Jiechi and Foreign Minister Wang Yi in March to meet in Alaska. Public spat.. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman Subsequent meeting Last month in Tianjin with the king and junior bureaucrats.

    Biden hasn’t seen Xi since he entered the White House, reflecting the dire state of Sino-US relations and the effects of a pandemic restricting the two leaders from traveling abroad.

    The U.S. president takes a far more hawkish position than most experts expected and blames the West and China for everything from cracking down on the democratic movement in Hong Kong to treating Uighurs in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region. bottom.

    US officials said the Biden administration’s diplomatic encounters with China were “not very fruitful.” She said the Tianjin meeting was hurt by China tweeting criticisms of the United States while officials met in a closed room.

    “These officials are basically reading the issue with … They are incapable of maneuvering and are acting for each other and for their bosses,” officials said. She added that the problem was amplified as authorities were preparing for China’s 20th Party Convention next year.

    “Centralization of leadership, in fact, given the exclusion of collective leadership, only increases the importance of talking with Xi Jinping… To test the proposal of whether he is there is room to operate.”

    Chinese officials blame the United States for a deadlock and Biden’s continuation Hard policy What has been inherited from the Trump administration has hampered the development of issues such as climate change, in which the interests of two rivals are aligned.Prior to the Beijing-Washington meeting Climate envoy “The ball is currently in US court,” Foreign Minister Wang Yi said last week.

    Evan Medeiros, an Asian expert at Georgetown University and former chief adviser to former President Barack Obama, said the call was an important step in paving the way for direct talks.

    “In such a competitive relationship, leader-level diplomacy is an integral part of managing competition well,” said Medeiros. “It’s been seven months, but it’s been a tough seven months for the US and China. It’s time for the leaders to grab the reins again.”

    The Biden administration is discussing ideas for a meeting with Xi at a G20 meeting in Italy in October, but Chinese media suggests that he can virtually only attend the event.

    Additional report by Tom Mitchell of Singapore

    Joe Biden and Xi Jinping make a second phone to reset the relationship

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