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    Jim Bob Duggar Asks for Campaign Cash, Voices No Actual Policies or Ideas

    Don’t call it a comeback.

    No, seriously, don’t allow Running Jim Bob Dagger for the Senate It will be a success story.

    He wants everyone to ignore that his son, who concealed past crimes, is tried for something indescribable.

    Jim Bob also clearly wants a donation without listing actual policies or specific platforms.

    When a millionaire wants a donation-not for a reason, but for his own political glory-people are often anxious.

    In large national races, people understand-tens of millions of dollars, and even hundreds of millions of dollars, can fall into them.

    But Arkansas District 7 is so fiercely contested that his fundamentalist church, full of millionaires and fellow cultists, needs to crowdsource election funds?

    Jim Bob

    Jim Bob apparently thinks so.

    Or he can’t bother to submit a bill because he’s focused on continuing to use his wealth and controlling his children.

    In any case, his campaign site is real and he has to say a lot.

    Jim Bob Dagger Campaign Statement

    “I’m running for state legislature, because these are unprecedented times in our country,” declares Jim Bob.

    “Uncontrollable bureaucrats prioritize politics over common-sense policies,” he laments.

    Jim Bob says he did this “by a government order that forced people to choose whether to earn a salary or violate their personal rights and beliefs.”

    Instagram Jim Bob Dagger and Michelle

    In other words, he thinks people have the basic right to spread any plague to their neighbors they want.

    “The basic principles that made our country great are more threatened than ever,” Jim Bob argues.

    “More than ever, we need a bold voice of parent family, parent business, parent guns, and parent life,” he writes.

    Jim Bob as a Jackass

    “It’s time for conservatives to demand courageous leadership that puts Arkansaw’s family, work, and our constitutional freedom first,” declares Jim Bob.

    Prematurely, he added: “I look forward to hearing your voice at the Arkansas General Assembly.”

    Well, it’s all very crude.

    Jill and Derrick do it themselves

    Years ago, the internet trolls, who wanted to silence and embarrass good and decent people, came up with the term.

    The term is “Virtue Signaling”, as if people were just doing and saying good things to pay attention to.

    What seems far more realistic is what I call a malicious signal. Let the world know how bad you are.

    Jim Bob Dagger and Michelle Dagger in South America

    That’s exactly what Jim Bob is doing here.

    Look at the word “professional family”. What do you mean? Who is the “anti-family” exactly?

    This term doesn’t really mean anything … but always signal The speaker is malicious.

    Michelle Dagger and Jim Bob Dagger in Silver Dagger City

    For the rest, Jim Bob opposes the vaccination obligation, he is a gun nut, and believes that anyone pregnant should be forced to give birth.

    Is there anything surprising? No.

    All of this is in great agreement with Jim Bob, who the world has known and hated for years.

    Jim Bob Dagger and Michelle Dagger Share Drinks

    But … does he list the actual policy or the actual platform?

    We, or anyone else looking into his disgusting candidacy, can’t be found anywhere.

    What laws and policies does he propose to proliferate firearms, criminalize reproductive health care, and criminalize the sinister things that “relatives” mean?

    Jim Bob Dagger: Groom


    Not only is Jim Bob’s idea unpopular and far from the mainstream view, but it goes without saying that it’s actually right and wrong.

    It also means that he has not proposed a “solution” to these non-problems. He just wants cash.

    Jim Bob Dagger Campaign Donation Form

    Like the other scammers before him, Jim Bob will probably get the cash.

    In fact, he may be seeing scenarios that are mutually beneficial.

    Even if Jim Bob (hopefully) loses his political practice, we all I know there are ways to put political contributions into my business and make a profit.

    Jim Bob Dagger Eye Roll

    But perhaps the most disturbing part of all of this is not Jim Bob’s ominous view.

    As we have pointed out, they are not surprising, and unfortunately the political arena is not lacking in malice, prejudice, greed, or dishonesty.

    Perhaps the most twisted part is Jim Bob trying to make this comeback when Josh’s trial is imminent.

    Jim Bob Dagger and Michelle Dagger on vacation

    A hearing will be held on November 18th. The trial will begin in earnest on November 30th.

    Josh has been tried for receiving and possessing photos and videos of child sexual abuse.

    The girl’s life was ruined by an adult man, and authorities tracked one of its content downloads to Josh’s computer.

    J. Bob Dagger

    Jim Bob’s candidacy during such a difficult time may mean he believes in Josh’s claim.

    He would have to believe in two ridiculous things: Josh is innocent and the judiciary is working perfectly.

    If Jim Bob believed in both of these, he would fully expect Josh to be acquitted and publicly proven.

    Jim Bob Dagger and Michelle, Yellow Out

    More realistically, Jim Bob may be ignoring Josh’s trial or planning to use it for his benefit.

    First, Josh is a “grown man” and has no control over his son’s behavior.

    The second could mean claiming that his family was being attacked by “leftists,” “antifas,” and “demons.”

    Michelle and Jim Bob Dagger Photo

    Jim Bob is neither a good person nor a good father. He wasn’t a good politician, and he never was.

    But his family’s real-life career is again hampered by yet another Josh scandal, and he is clearly looking for new ways to make the world worse.

    And obviously, lining his own pocket seems to be a bigger priority than convincing people that he has. one Real good idea.

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