Jill and Amy Duggar: Did They Join Forces to Destroy Jim Bob’s Evil Empire?


A few years ago Josh Duggar arrested on suspicion of child pornography, His famous family critics often wanted the Dagger Media Empire to fall from within.

Specifically, one of Jim Bob’s long-suffering daughters hoped to finally get tired of being released with a lot of dissatisfaction with him.

So far, that hasn’t happened, but the women in Jim Bob’s life have rebelled in subtle ways that may prove to be just as effective.

There was a time when it was like this Zinger in trousers It will lead the rebellion, but recently it is two cousins ​​who are leading the fight for the liberation of women in the Daggers superpatriarchal society.

Of course, we’re talking about Jill and Amy Dagger.

For a long time, the rebellious cousin Amy was considered an exile by others in the family, but that changed when Jill broke her relationship with her parents in 2019.

suddenly, Jill was drinking, Listening to secular music and hanging with Amy-all off-limits activities for Jim Bob’s other daughters.

Jill Dagger Talks Miscarriage

Obviously, the biggest blow to Duggars’ reputation came in the form of Josh’s arrest and subsequent conviction.

But a few months before its withdrawal from its publicly announced grace, the healthy image of the family weakened from the inside as the youngest generation became fed up with Jim Bob’s authoritarian rule.

Amy is a thorn on Jim Bob’s side for most of her life, and she deserves worldwide praise for sticking to her gun under enormous pressure.

Amy Dagger Video Still Image

However, Jill’s decision to break the relationship with her parents may have first shown that Jim Bob is nearing the end of an era of unquestionable authority.

When Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, went publicly on their way in 2019, no one could have predicted a series of scandals that would eventually lead to TLC. Cancel Reliable, Thus ending the long and lucrative relationship of the network with Duggars.

At that time, the Dillard’s dispute with Jim Bob seemed to be purely economic in nature.

Jill Dagger and Derick Dillard Enjoy Autumn Weather

Derrick insisted on it Jim Bob stole millions from his children By putting their TLC salary in your pocket.

Jim Bob seems to think he can rely on the continued support of millions of enthusiastic fans, but he feels that these claims need not be publicly denied.

After all, Duggars was already facing a much larger scandal- Josh was molesting five young girls, Four of them were his sisters-and survived.

Jim Bob Duggar Confession Photo

But when Jim Bob sat down secretly and waited for support from the evangelical Die Hard army, something surprising happened.

The majority of Twitter and Facebook users who commented on this issue seemed to be on the side of Jill and Derrick.

Derrick, a recent law school graduate, appears to have filed a successful proceeding against his father-in-law, and unlike others who came after Jim Bob in the past, his argument is solid evidence. It was backed up by a number.

Of course, he wouldn’t have been possible without his courageous wife.

2021 Dillard

Jill is still a product of the super-patriarchal world in which she was raised, as long as she may have succeeded in shaking off the more disgusting thoughts she grew up in.

So she may have felt that her claim to her father would only be taken seriously if it was the derrick who spoke to them.

And sadly, she may have been right on that assumption.

Social media Jill Dagger and Derick Dillard

We may not be sure where Jill found the power to fight her formidable father in public against the problematic ideals raised.

However, while the rest of the Dagger seemed happy to keep his cousin Amy at a safe distance, it’s worth noting that Jill always maintained a close relationship with her rebelliousness. ..

In the end, these strong-willed cousins ​​have returned to each other, despite his best efforts to separate them.

And together, they proved to be much more powerful than the forces that tried to suppress them.

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