Jessica Seewald Moves On: Who is Jessa’s Sister Kissing Now?!?


She may be a rebel.

But now Jessica Seewald has a cause:

Finding happiness outside what looks like an ugly marriage.

And based on the following picture, Jessica looks pretty good in this regard.

For those who have just caught up, Jessica Seewald is the sister of Jessa Dagger, who is married to Jessica’s brother Ben.

she Apply for divorce from husband for 2 years Seewalds is also a very conservative family in May, so ending their marriage with Dwight Philip Lester attracted brilliant loved ones.

Is it as conservative as a dagger?

No. It is impossible for most people to clear.

Jessica Zewald image

But Jessica has been marching to her own beat for years for her honor.

During that time she reportedly separated from Dwight The abusive nature of their relationship..

In Zewald’s divorce affidavit, she said, “Continuous verbal quarrels create a very intolerable home environment and cause great emotional confusion for me.”

“The financial burden from the beginning of marriage due to insufficient financial management on the part of the defendant.”

Crop top Jessica Seewald

Sounds much less than ideal.

But Jessica is clearly much more advanced.

Jessica shares the above snapshot through her Instagram Story and features a seemingly new boyfriend kissing her cheek.

“See you in 12 days,” wrote happy Zewald throughout the image.

Jessica Seewald Car Selfie

In August, Jessica was seen smoking an e-cigarette and wearing a tight silk dress in a post-divorce photo.

She had an arc in her hand in the photo as she stuck out her tongue and made the most of her freedom.

A few hours later, Jessica shared and wrote a photo of her head spinning in a tight silk dress.

“How long does it take to melt?”

Time to melt

Last month, Jessica bent her muscular body in a sports bra and spandex and didn’t really get in the way of her parents, and perhaps even Jessa’s parents, to pinch her nose.

As part of her aforementioned submission, Seewald said that Dwight “a personal indignation that destroys the legal end of marriage so that plaintiffs can no longer live with defendants as men and wives.” I wrote that I was exposed to.

The personal indignation in the Arkansas divorce filing is that “a spouse who consistently expresses such rudeness, hatred, abuse, and negligence” to his partner in order to make life “unbearable.” May be included.

Therefore, I can’t say for sure what Jessica specifically claimed in her document.

Jessica Seewald and her husband

However, in response to Dwight’s allegations, he confessed to “all allegations contained” in his ex-wife’s complaint.

“I waive the notice of the trial, the fact-finding and legal conclusions, the record of testimony, the motion for a new trial, the notice of the final judgment or the input of the judgment, and the right to appeal,” he told the judge. ..

Yesa Dagger I haven’t commented on her ex-sister-in-law’s handsome new lover yet.

However, at this point, I’m guessing that Zewald doesn’t care about her remarks or thoughts at all.

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