Jesse Palmer, former Jessica Bowlin’s “Bachelor’s Degree” Spy Revival


“There was a lot of explanation that year about starting over in the New York Giants locker room.” About 20 years before he was given help. Clayton Echard Find love, Jesse Palmer I handed out the roses.

“I regret having forgotten someone’s name,” said Palmer, now 43. We weekly“Here for the Right Reasons” podcast About his time as a lead. “That was the first [piece of] By the way, I advised Clayton [was] Don’t forget someone’s name. Since I was there myself, I can’t say anything good then. Just lock it in. And he did a really, really good job about it. “

Jessie Palmer and Jessica Bowlin. Kristina Bumphrey / StarPix / Shutterstock; James E / AP / Shutterstock

Overall, the previous quarterback has no real regrets about his time as a lead. “I had an incredible experience. In 2004, the whole reality show was very new,” he said. “And the show was very young. And in many ways I think the show was still like understanding itself, what’s going on? It’s clear to get out of my comfort zone. Was a big risk [as] Football player — Really enduring yourself, looking for love, and doing it on TV at the time was really unique. “

“I learned a lot about myself,” Palmer said during the season 5 shoot. Bachelor’s degree.

“I really did it, and I’m happy — a terrible football analogy — [but] I left it all in the field, and it helped me later in my life [with] I was dating as I grew older and finally met my wife Emery, “he explained, referring to his spouse. Emery Faldo, He got married in 2020. “Learning to be vulnerable, communicating and admitting when my feelings are hurt, and talking about my feelings has come a long way. It’s a really long way for me, personally and professionally. I opened more doors than I could have imagined, and I’m really, really happy and very lucky to be given the opportunity to do that in 2004. “

The bachelor’s state may recall that Palmer chose not to propose his last rose to Jessica Bowlin. Their relationship ended shortly after the show aired.

“It’s been a minute,” he said. We When asked when he last talked to Bowlin. Then he joked. “And I have a Brazilian wife now and I have a knife in my house, so I have to be careful with DMs I’m talking to open DMs. I’m very, very careful. I want to be smart. “

Season 5 was also the first (and last) time the show had a “spy” (one of Palmer’s friends’ wives) live at home with a girl.

“I’m a little I completely [the show bringing that twist back]”He said We.. “It’s weird. There were a lot of firsts in my season. This was a kind of overall point Bachelor’s degree Find yourself — [I was the] The first bachelor made a first impression, the first bachelor had a spy, and the first bachelor left the show for a woman before returning. A lot of things were happening. Like many singles, I have this deep-seated anxiety about who is there for the right reason, or who is trying to use it as a platform. I felt the spy was good for me, and I was lucky that my best friend’s wife could concentrate on doing it. And it really, really helped me.Has not been done since then [so] Perhaps it was long enough that even if one was planted, the other woman at home would not doubt it. “

Bachelor’s degree ABC Broadcasts Monday at 8 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

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Jesse Palmer, former Jessica Bowlin’s “Bachelor’s Degree” Spy Revival

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