Jessa Duggar: Here’s Why Fans Think She’s Pregnant With Baby #5!


Rumors of pregnancy are almost constant in the lives of Dagger females.

And how often those rumors turn out to be true, it’s not hard to understand why fans are always looking for signs of another “little blessing” along the way.

By convention, dagger females usually obscure their pregnancy at least until the beginning of the second trimester.

And because the family is obscured in the light of recent scandals, Jim Bob’s daughters sometimes continue to cover their bumps even longer.

So it’s not hard to understand why fans are always picking up social media posts from people like Jessa Dagger.

After all, their detective work has been rewarded many times in the past.

It’s like a cult version of fertility Find Wally! game!

Jessa, Ben and the children

However, in this case, the uterine watcher appears to have crossed the signal, leading to a false alarm situation that could have been easily avoided.

The problem began when Jessa posted a video tour of her new home.

The short, simple clip, in which four mothers shared the latest information on remodeling with their fans, caused a lot of unexpected controversy.

Reliable Jessa

First, when the commentator suggested his father, Jessa blamed him violently. Jim Bob bought her a house..

Shortly thereafter Jessa was accused purchase Favorable commentsSome of them were associated with pages that create adult content, as followers noticed that some sketchy accounts were active in her post.

But perhaps the most amazing mini-scandal that erupts from this simple home remodeling video is Jessa is pregnant with her fifth child..

Jessa Dagger: Are you pregnant with Baby # 5?

The cause of this rumor seems to be in the early scenes of the clip where you can see the very pregnant Jessa standing in front of the mirror.

“Wait. Is she pregnant again ?!” asked one commenter. according to British tabloid Sun..

“Congratulations on your new home and new pregnancy?” Another viewer wrote.

Jessa Dagger YouTube Still

“Yeah! Wait for the baby’s bumps. Is this a few months old or are you expecting it !?” The third chime rang.

“It’s a mirror image … Did you miss the announcement?” Asked the fourth person.

It’s no exaggeration to say that these commentators were distracted by the sight of Jessa’s baby bumps and didn’t pay attention to other aspects of the video.

Jessa Dagger and Ben Seewald

If so, they may have noticed that the refurbishment process began a few months ago-at that time. Jessa was still pregnant with her fourth child..

“The beginning of the video shows June 23, 2021,” one commenter pointed out for those who seem confused.

“She isn’t pregnant-it’s a baby fern,” another person chimes.

Is Jessa Dagger Pregnant?

Yes, rumors of Duggar’s pregnancy are often accurate, but fans can be a little enthusiastic about the detective job in their enthusiasm for predicting the next bread in the oven.

Fortunately, Jessa is accustomed to this kind of scrutiny, so she’s probably relatively unaffected by this latest intrusion into the most private corners of her personal life.

In fact, this latest annoyance may not be so bad.

Jessa Lauren Dagger Seewald

After all, Jessa seems to want to keep making a living from social media.

And finally on her family’s reality show Canceled by TLCKeeping four mothers in the tabloid headlines isn’t entirely bad.

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