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Gus Smirnios and Jeremiah Buoni boosted the drama with this season’s “Floribama Shore,” but their friendship isn’t as good as it once was. Jeremiah explains why in this exclusive preview.

gas Smirnios When Jeremiah Buoni Was my best friend in the first two seasons of Floriba Mashore, But it all collapsed between seasons 3 and 4 — and Jeremiah is willing to bring things back to their original state. At the exclusive sneak peak of the October 21st episode of the show, Nilsa Prowant Grill about where Jeremiah stands His ex BFF.. “Did you and Gas talk at all, or did they just coexist?” She asks Jeremiah, “Coexistence is the right term for that.”

Nilsa then asks if Jeremiah will be friends with Gus again, and he shakes his head. “As I said, it’s too late at this point,” he says. “Sorry,” Jeremiah added in his confession: It really annoys me that people keep asking me. That’s all you need to know. “

Jeremi Abuoni from “Floriba Mashore”. (MTV)

The friendship between Jeremiah and Gus collapsed a few years later Battle of explosion It happened during the season 3 shoot. However, Real drama It actually happened outside the camera. Gus lived with Jeremiah, who insisted that he had driven him out of his house and could not go anywhere. What really happened was a lot he said / he said, but it’s clear that these two are never on the same page about it.

Jeremiah Buoni and Gas Smirnios
Jeremi Abuoni and Gassmirnios in Season 1 of “Floriba Mashore”. (MTV)

Fortunately, they were able to put Fight To live together peacefully while shooting in the past Floriba Mashore.. But that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of drama. In the October 21st preview, Gus also invites his sister. HannahPlease come home.This rubs Candy slice In the wrong way, Hannah had previously threatened her on the phone when she learned that Gas had escaped and went missing. “I heard Gus is inviting his sister,” Candice says in a confession. “The same sister who called and threatened to defeat my a **. Hopefully she brings that a ** scream because I want. I scream that a **, b **** is ready. “

Meanwhile, Gus is happy that things are standing with him and his roommates.I was particularly relieved to hear the latest prank he played on Candice Amy Hall It went well. “The fact that all the roommates are sitting here and laughing at the pranks pulled … it’s definitely showing growth,” he admits. “Looking at our achievements and the pranks pulled by this house, there are always people who are offended and ready to fight. We have grown tremendously.”

New episode Floriba Mashore It will air on MTV Thursday at 8 pm.After the show Double shot of love starring Pauly D When Vinnie Guadagnino..

Jeremiah talks about Gus’ friendship in preview – Hollywood Life

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