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Jenny Slatten Blasted by Sumit Singh’s ENTIRE Family: You’re Old, GTFO!

Sumit Singh’s family members have said many cruel things about Jenny Slatten’s age.

That has not stopped since last season stopped filming.

In fact, things have now gotten worse.

Jenny’s daughter is stepping up for her mother and calling out Sumit’s parents and brother for being so awful.

Jenny Slatten is still crying

On Sunday night’s new episode of 90 Day Bares All, viewers checked in with Jenny and Sumit.

Sumit’s brother, Amit, and their father, Anil said that one major thing has not changed.

The family is still piling on the pressure to push Sumit to dump Jenny because of her age.

Amit, brother of SumitPin

“They never wanted Sumit to marry any other girl,” Amit clarified.

“But they want Sumit to marry the choice of a girl of his own,” he continued, “but not exceeding the age.”

Amit emphasized: “The age factor will also compare.”

Sumit Singh parents - we don't like herPin

Jenny is 61 and Sumit is 32.

While it was Sumit who first made contact with Jenny, first as a catfisher before taking an interest, his family views her as an antagonist.

They resent her for deflowering their son, even though he was a grown adult, and the social stigma of their son’s relationship.

Jenny Slatten hugs Amit helloPin

Sahna, Sumit’s mother, has a particularly hostile view of Jenny and is more outspoken.

However, Amit holds the same view, revealing that he wants Sumit to break up with Jenny.

This caused some ire between him and Jenny’s daughter, Christina, who also spoke on the episode.

Jenny Slatten daughter Christina and wife JenPin

“When he was crying to you, telling you how bad he was feeling,” Christina recalled to Amit.

She described accurately that “you looked like you felt so bad for not standing up for your brother.”

At many times, he did seem sympathetic to his brother’s plight.

Jenny Slatten facetimes with daughter ChristinaPin

“And then you sit here and you completely recant your story,” Christina pointed out.

She accused him of doing so “because your wife is sitting there, because your mom and dad are sitting there.”

Christina challenged Amit: “Come on! Be honest.”

Jenny Slatten calls daughter ChristinaPin

Sumit’s family remained fixated on sabotaging his romance and destroying his happiness.

Anil confirmed that he “of course” wants to see Sumit and Jenny break up.

Amit added that he “desperately” and “eagerly” wants the same.

Amit Singh - I accept your relationshipPin

“I think that’s so sad. I really do,” Christina expressed.

She added: “I think that is the saddest thing you could say to your family, someone that you love.”

That is right. It’s bizarre that Sumit’s own family doesn’t seem to value his happiness. At least, not enough.

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh celebrate good newsPin

This is not the first time that Sumit’s family’s lack of care has shown up on this particular spinoff.

During a previous episode, they expressed shock over Jenny’s age, recalling their surprise upon meeting her many years ago.

That resulted in Jenny storming off-camera, and really, who could blame her?

Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten - finallyPin

Sumit and Jenny are unable to marry because Sumit insists upon maintaining ties with his family, even though they are like this.

His mother has threatened to kill herself if Sumit marries Jenny, forcing her son’s relationship into extended limbo.

In the place of an engagement, Sumit offered Jenny a much-hyped promise ring. Sometimes, we make do with what we have.

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