Jennie Nguyen Vows to Speak Her “Truth” After RHOSLC Firing, Racism Scandal


Jenny Nguyen went from A real housewife in Salt Lake City Last minute addition to Public Enemy # 1 this month.

There are still scary, not-so-old posts Jenny caught up in a racist scandal It made viewers and castmates sick.

Bravo was embarrassed after first refraining from moving Dismissed Jenny from RHOSLC..

Jenny has vowed to tell her “truth” now that she is no longer a housewife. Oh dear.

Late Tuesday, Jenny Nguyen took her to her Instagram story to share an ominous message.

“I will finally tell my truth tomorrow,” she threatened.

Jenny added that he would do so “because I am now authorized”.

Zoom Jenny Nguyen

“I’ll ask you a question later!” Jenny added to her message.

She then wrote: [sic] myself. “

As of Wednesday afternoon, her apology post was still up … but the tone of this story is alarming.

Jenny Nguyen IG

You see, Jenny’s latest story doesn’t exactly apologize.

Planning to speak “my truth” can be a rush to apology or abusive and rebellious non-apology.

Thanking the supporters … isn’t it really setting the tone of apology?

Jenny Nguyen is wearing red in the confession room

We will delve into several possibilities as to how Jenny’s future and future statements will proceed.

But first, let’s go back quickly.

What was the hateful anti-black species discrimination that fired Jenny in the first place?

Bad Jenny Nguyen message

Just a year and a half ago, in 2020, a historic citizenship protest broke out from coast to coast.

Millions of people have gone out to demand change in the wake of unsuccessful police violence and murder against African Americans.

While police violence escalated against protesters and sacrificed people’s freedom, eyes, and lives, Jenny was more focused on the original victims.

Jenny Nguyen is an idiot

Jenny shared an incredibly exaggerated post targeting not only Black Lives Matter protesters, but also those killed by police.

When it was not enough to blame the victims of the murder for their death, Jenny repeatedly used the classic anti-black dog whistle.

She also shared a clearly untrue claim from a fringelite conspiracy theorist who intended to strengthen the power structure of white supremacists.

Jenny Nguyen blames George Floyd

People on social media can accidentally share something.

For example, someone retweets what they think is news or a simple question, but they don’t know that the story isn’t true or that the person asking the question is bad news.

When someone shares a lot of bad posts saying the same inexcusable nasty things … is it an accident?

Jenny Nguyen at breakfast

I’ve also noticed that since the outbreak of Jenny’s scandal, many have said or believed what they didn’t want.

People change and grow over time-hopefully for the better.

But Jenny didn’t repost bad “edgy” jokes, and these aren’t really. Year Post. It’s a year and a half ago.

Jenny Nguyen

As we reported, Jenny apologized.

She was still hired by Bravo when she posted an apology on her Instagram page.

The network only realized that Jenny’s apparent anti-black speciesism had unemployed her when the backlash continued.

Jenny Nguyen Photo

It may be ominous if Jenny says she couldn’t be a member of the cast as a former housewife.

Generally speaking, you are still employed and offer your complete and most complete apology when you are being watched over by a contract.

If someone can only speak later, their words often have an “f-you” atmosphere.

Jenny Nguyen Photo

One possibility is that Jenny will trace all or part of her apology within the next few weeks or months.

She may argue that “cancellation culture” (a meaningless buzzword preferred by the worst living people) came after her.

Jenny has the potential to angle the guest spots of Fox News, the preferred platform for white supremacy in the United States.

Jenny Nguyen sits for dinner

At the same time, it should be taken into account that Jenny will simply elaborate on her feelings.

Her ex-castmate no longer wants to shoot with her. Most of her ex-fans turned her on. She is (naturally) embarrassed in her public place.

Perhaps Jenny plans to post something very raw and emotional, not a rebellious ploy to accountability. I understand.

Photo of Jenny Nguyen

Some question the wisdom of dismissing Jenny. Her viewers say she was able to see her learn why her sneaky anti-black post was wrong.

We too want Jenny to be a better person, a better educated person, and a non-malicious person.

But while she has no reason to do so on reality TV, she enjoys all the economic and social benefits that come with it.

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