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    Jenelle Evans: My Life Is Better Than Ever! I Love Being Broke, Dude!

    As we have discussed many times in the past General Evans is a morbid liar..

    Name an aspect of her life, and you can be confident that Genel has spread all sorts of BS about it.

    Earlier this week fans asked Gene about her health problems, And the former reality star has garnered some great criticism of her reaction.

    Like much of what she says, Genel’s comments on her medical problems did not seem to be rooted in any kind of truth.

    Now Evans is roasted again. This time, the other two most sensitive subjects in her life: her financial situation and Dismissed from Teen Mom 2..

    (As you may know, this is a very long list. Genel’s life is basically one big delicate theme.)

    Genel was fired in 2018, just as she lost custody of her children.

    Genel is sick and collapsed

    Both of these developments are the result of many factors, most of which are associated with Genel’s decade of crude parenting and abusive behavior.

    However, the straw that broke the camel’s back was made by her husband. David Eason hits, shoots, and kills a family dog In front of his children.

    Obviously not Directly It’s Genel’s fault, but the fact that she co-signed the nasty act and did everything she could to protect David from any consequences was what to her in the eyes of a family court judge. It didn’t give any benefit either.

    General and David Podcasting

    Surprisingly, Evans subsequently regained custody of the children, but both she and her husband are unemployed.

    There was also the fact this week that neither was filled out on the application form. Genel’s claim that MTV has almost regained her soon.

    The conversation revolved around a new project taken by the network Cast members of all three Teen Mom series I put them together in a hotel for the purpose of receiving some kind of television treatment.

    Genel has a podcast

    Evans claimed that MTV executives were interested in getting her involved in the project, but then suddenly changed their minds without providing an explanation.

    “When they invited you to CA’s Teen Mom Special, there was no response for a month …” she captioned her Instagram photo, saying “mental health awareness,” “anxiety,” “confusion”.

    As is often the case with Genel, she seeks sympathy, but her plans backfired when fans encouraged her to look back on her decisions that led to these situations.

    David Eason cry

    “Is it worth it after losing everything for your Psycho Hubby?” Asked a follower on Instagram.

    Now, Genel can’t be 100% honest, even himself.

    So instead of admitting that she made some wrong turns that led to her easy, mid-six-digit job loss, she actually made her life better than ever. Insisted that there was.

    David Eason with a huge beard

    “I didn’t lose anything, my family found peace,” Evans replied, adding:

    “If you know him, you probably want him too.”

    Well, these comments are quite weird for several reasons.

    General Evans drinks white nails

    For one thing, Evans recently admitted that she was completely dependent on her small TikTok income and was discouraged by her lack of career prospects.

    Still, does she claim that she finally “found peace” as a result of withdrawing from the only job she had ever had?

    Also, Evans’s ongoing claim that David is a likable man doesn’t seem to fool anyone.

    Behind the scenes of General Evans and David Eason

    After all, many of the reasons David is so widely hated are all the horrifying things Genel has revealed about him over the years.

    I remember that time Genel claims that David broke his collarbone In the middle of a drunken discussion?

    What if she told a family court judge that her children were always alive in fear of a man?

    David Eason gets serious

    These are not caliber complaints that “he has forgotten to put the toilet seat down”.

    Both Jenelle and MTV have spent years establishing a huge trend for David. Anyone who hears her is clear that he is the reason she is in such a desperate financial crisis.

    Therefore, I am convinced that the “favorite David” ship departed long ago, even though Genel claims to be the most charismatic husband on this side of the Mississippi River.

    Jenelle Evans: My Life Is Better Than Ever! I Love Being Broke, Dude! Source link Jenelle Evans: My Life Is Better Than Ever! I Love Being Broke, Dude!

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