Jenelle Evans: Did She Just Admit to Stalking Kailyn Lowry?!


There are many feuds in the world of Teen Mom.

Often, these women simply don’t seem to be able to stand on each other.

Sometimes they try to physically attack each other Amber Portwood made that big swing at Farrah Abraham At that one teen mom OG reunion show.

Sometimes it’s a little weaker and a little more cat-like, like when they make cheeky remarks about each other on social media.

However, some cast members have declared themselves deadly enemies to each other.

If you want a good example of this, take a look at what’s happening between Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans in the last few years.

Candace Owens Gene

The two were friends in the early days of Teen Mom 2, but their relationship deteriorated after Kale rescued Gene from prison and Gene did not repay her.

It wasn’t very intimate after that, but it was still polite enough, but for some reason, Genel leaked news of Kairin’s pregnancy With her third child.

And that’s when they really started to hate each other.

They are Said terrible things to each other In social media and interviews, but in a new video she posted on TikTok, Genel really takes the feud to another level.

Gene Evans in a strange hat

It looks like you’ve come across a video shared by someone else about Kairin’s interview in 2019. The interviewer was trying to ask a question about David, but he couldn’t remember his name, so he introduced him. As “that f-cking psychopath”.

“David?” Kailyn clearly supplied correctly.

Jenelle used that little clip at the beginning of the video to provide context, and then actually joined Kailyn.

Kairin Raleigh on her Instagram

“Before launching sh-t for years, let’s see what you’re doing now, Kail!” She doesn’t seem to realize that the video is for 2019. (And in 2019, when Genel said something similar about David She received a restraint order against him).

She shared a screenshot of the story about Arrest of Kale allegedly assaulting Chris Lopez, And she also shared screenshots from The Sun’s story about how she used PPP loans to help her business survive the pandemic.

“Who sent the information to the sun, hmm,” she wondered, and in her tone clearly implied that she actually gave the hint.

She added, “It’s a public record, which means I found it easily.”

General Evans Labor Day Photo

“Do you need more evidence? More evidence,” she continued, sharing another screenshot of the loan details.

And if it wasn’t strange enough, Genel also said, “I saw an exclusive photo of your home and your land that hasn’t been released yet.”

“How does it work for you? You are on a damn road!”

She laughed at the last comment and completed the video. Living near the road seems to be the most pathetic thing that can happen to a person.

General selfie alert

There really isn’t enough “cool” in the world to cover this.

It’s strange that she was excited about this in an interview two years ago, but strangely, it’s also strange that she’s trying to write down David’s actions as ancient history. The same monster he was always with..

Along those same lines, it’s pretty rich that she’s accusing Kale of assault the next time. David was arrested for assault Only a few months before that, if someone points it out, she would also excuse it as ancient history.

Calling Kairin for its arrest is perfectly fair, and many have called her for a PPP loan, but the hypocrisy of the calling Genel is a kind of overwhelming, isn’t it?

Genel is very angry

But the next part is the most worrisome part-the part that seems to allow her to give information about Kale’s loan to the tabloids.

How did she know? Did she do a thorough Google search on Kairin and come across that information? Did someone near Kairin somehow turn her over?

Why do I have a screenshot of a loan that my previous colleague received? It’s very creepy.

Another creepy thing is that she said she saw pictures of Kale’s new home that hadn’t been released yet-so how did she see them? Why does she care so much?

Kailyn Lowry screen capture

And finally, when Gene builds a house in the swamp, there is the fact that Gene is making fun of Kairin’s house “on a damn road.” It’s literally sinking to the ground..

A truly incredible takedown from Genel.

A few hours after posting TikTok, she learned that the interview was for 2019. She removed the rant and posted a new video that basically said “my bad”.

Don’t worry if you miss it, she’s sure to go to another insane rant soon.

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