Jenelle Evans Addresses New Pregnancy Rumors: Is She Actually Having Her FOURTH Child?!


Pursuing Jenelle Evans and her wild and crazy life is always such a journey, isn’t it?

There are lots of dramas, both stupid and really scary.

It’s as if she really lives there Her house sinking in the swamp, The moment you wake up Husband of her dog killer And her children She really doesn’t want to be a mother..

sometimes She tries to start a problem with her former colleague, sometimes She makes a storyPass s time.

Often she creates a short little video to put on the internet in the hope of preserving the fame she gained from her time on reality television.

Genel tells fans

And today I’ll talk about some of those videos. They are yet another example of her crazy and crazy life.

OK, so Genel shared this video on her own lip-sync TikTok to a song about her friend-the joke was that she was singing about introducing her friend, but her Her daughter, Ensley, was the only one to appear.

She wore a bikini in the video, so of course People felt the need to be the worst..

Tik Tok

Someone took the time to comment, “I hope Jenny Craig is one of them.” This meant one of the friends Genel mentioned in the video, adding that “the time when One Piece’s girlfriend is too heavy and too old.”

Another person tried to make the same “joke” and asked, “Is Slimfast one of them?”

When one of her followers asked where she got her swimsuit, yet another joke star replied, “Giants RUs.”

And there was a comment asking if he was pregnant. Because, as we all now know, women are not allowed to put an ounce of fat on their stomach without being asked about the contents of the uterus.

Jenelle Evans: Pregnant With Baby # 4

Jenelle created a response video by selecting one of these comments, one that asked, “Are you pregnant again?”

So did she confirm the rumor? Do she and David expect their second child to be together?

Will Genel be the next teen mom to be a mother of four?

Genel is drinking


“Everyone is always commenting on ignorance,” she wrote in the caption, lip-syncing to the audio of another TikTok video in the video.

“Well, no, it’s dirty, that’s what a natural body looks like,” she said. “If you don’t like it, close your eyes and never open them again.”

“The next time you breathe, don’t.”

In this video she wasn’t wearing a bikini, but she lifted her shirt and showed her stomach. She apparently is not pregnant.

Jenelle shows off her stomach on TikTok

You see, Gene is terrible She literally always does terrible things..

If you want to criticize her, there are many legitimate criticisms.

But when you make fun of her body and joking about how she needs to lose weight, it’s crossing the line.

It also makes us feel the need to protect her from body shaming, and protecting Gene is never fun for us.

General Evans Labor Day Photo

So, next time, can you stick to guessing about her marriage or analyzing other TikTok that have nothing to do with her body appearance in a bikini?

Is it much more fun for everyone?

Jenelle Evans Addresses New Pregnancy Rumors: Is She Actually Having Her FOURTH Child?! Source link Jenelle Evans Addresses New Pregnancy Rumors: Is She Actually Having Her FOURTH Child?!

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