Jen Shah Gets Physical With Lisa Barlow in Nasty RHOSCL Bus Brawl


Is it entirely her fault, or is it some savage and unlikely misunderstanding? Jenshah is not having a great time..

This week’s episode A real housewife in Salt Lake City Jen started crying and screaming at one of his castmates.

It ended with her yelling at another castmate and provoking her.

From bus fights to blackmail borders, Jen wasn’t retreating.

Discomfort boiled in the bath when Jen Shah confronted Lisa Barlow about her support.

She felt that she did not show her the same elegance and support that Lisa showed to others.

Jen was Jen and she was screaming and screaming at this while Lisa was trying to stay calm … but it was a defeat.

RHOSLC Brawl Bus 02

Production began after Jen stood up (on the bus!) And shouted at Lisa’s face.

Jen had to sit in front and separate the two so that the producer could physically separate them.

This did not stop the verbal quarrel as both women kept yelling at each other.

RHOSLC Brawl Bus 03

Jen called Lisa a bad friend, but much more and more harsh than that.

Eventually, Jen sobbed and collapsed about how miserable she was during this investigation, fearing she would miss the lives of her children.

Jen claimed she was totally innocent of the accusations filed against her, which moved Lisa, and the two almost hugged it. a bit.

RHOSLC Brawl Bus 04

Jen claimed that Meredith and Mary were somehow behind this.

It’s unlikely they’re dancing the FBI with a string, but Jen is clearly looking for an enemy everywhere.

Honestly, she’s also making enemies everywhere? who knows.

RHOSLC Brawl Bus 05

Heather, on the other hand, says that Meredith and Mary had the right idea by traveling separately.

If that means she will never be exposed to this, she willingly join any alliance they have.

Meredith and Mary traveled separately and arrived later. It was just the beginning of Mary opting out of group activities.

RHOSLC Brawl Bus 08

After settling down in the villa, there was a spiritual ceremony with an energy healer that night.

The overall idea was to open yourself up to the best that the universe had to offer, or whatever.

The activity seemed to work for many women, but Mary did not participate.

RHOSLC Brawl Bus 10

On the one hand, it can seem strange to see a housewife quoting their beliefs and bowing from a group activity.

Mary, on the other hand, is fully entitled to her faith.

Of all Mary’s actions, this is fine, as there are many spiritual or religious activities that many of us do not participate in.

Mary Cosby

Of course, dinner saw another conflict.

This time it was between the old enemies Jen and Meredith, after everyone was clearly fed up with the latter defending Mary.

Once again, Jen was very happy to be able to correct her castmate’s face, and things seemed to be at the edge of physical change … again.

Jen Shah shouts with Meredith Marks

Jen sticks to the idea that Meredith is behind legal issues, but Meredith remains seated but does not retreat.

Jen calls Meredith a scam, and Meredith laughs at it-under circumstances, Jen’s sling isn’t the best insult.

Meredith stands up and walks away, at which point Jen escalate her provocation.

Jen Shah accuses Meredith Marks of having 10 boyfriends

Jen then calls on Meredith to “make ten mothers-other boyfriends kings.”

It’s a strange and barbaric claim that elicits a confused or immediately obscured alert reaction from Meredith.

This confusion just seems to be more complicated, as the preview shows that Meredith may withstand some fallout.

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