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Jed Duggar-Katey Nakatsu Engagement Video Leaks!

For weeks now, we’ve been hearing rumors that Jed Duggar and Katey Nakatsu are engaged.

There’s been no announcement from the Duggar clan, which has led many to the conclusion that the rumors are bogus.

But now, incontrovertible proof has surfaced in the form of a video the couple made in order to celebrate their engagement.

Jed Duggar and Katie Nakatsu Engagement Photo

Yes, it seems the Nakatsu family documented the occasion of Jed popping the question and posted the video to their family website.

The clip was later removed, but not before it was captured by Katie Joy of the Without a Crystal Ball vlog.

So the Nakatsu family is acting a little shady, but they’re still being more upfront than the Duggars, who have yet to acknowledge the engagement at all.

Katey Nakatsu PhotoPin

So why all the secrecy?

Well, the Nakatsus seem ready to shout it from the rooftop, but the Duggars are being much more low-key about all of this.

There are several theories for why that might be.

Jed Is CourtingPin

It might be that the choice was Jed’s or Katey’s.

Though the former possibility seems unlikely, as Jed is not exactly the shrinking violet type.

Last year, Jed ran for a seat in the Arkansas State House of Representatives, and he seemed to delight in making campaign ads and delivering stump speeches.

Jed DuggarPin

The other possibility is more unpleasant to contemplate, but unfortuately, it also seems like the most likely explanation.

There have long been rumors of Jim Bob arranging his kids’ marriages without their consent and it looks as though that might be how the union of Jed and Katey came to be.

“I’m told the arrangement was between the two fathers. They were courting for about a year before the betrothal ceremony,” Joy wrote in her Instagram post about the engagement.

Jim Bob Duggar: Father of the GroomPin

“It’s not known why they were so eager to arrange them — but I’m also told these arrangements also are financial in nature,” she added.

“This might explain why Jed and Katey looked very awkward during the proposal and after. They don’t know each other well, nor are they allowed to be alone together at all.”

Joy added that the Nakatsu family might be even more conservative than the Duggars, as difficult as that is to believe.

Katey Nakatsu ImagePin

Katey’s father, Kory Nakatsu (yes, it appears that the Nakatsu clan is as obsessed with the letter “K” as the Duggars are with “J”) is said to be an ultra-conservative evangelical.

And it looks as though “allowing his daughter to make her own decisions” might be an item on the very long list of things he does not believe in.

“Kory might be far more strict than Jim Bob — which is why this was secretive,” Katie explained.

Jed and KateyPin

“Again, this is all from the sources — but chew on it and enjoy the tea,” she added.

Enjoy the tea, indeed!

Sadly, it looks like second- and third-hand accounts from anonymous sources might be the only information that we’ll receive about this situation until after the wedding.

Jed Duggar Dot ComPin

The Duggars have been even more secretive than usual in recent weeks, declining to make announcements about Jana’s courtship with Stephen Wissman, and Anna’s seventh pregnancy.

This is the sort of news that they would normally be shouting from the rooftops, and the situation has fans perplexed.

We’re not pretending to know what’s going on — but you can be sure it’s seriously sketchy.

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