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    Jason Sudeikis “Removes Stigma” About Ted Lasso’s Mental Health

    “Ted Lasso” Season 2 Jason Sudeikis is streaming on Apple TV +. Apple TV +

    “Do you know what the happiest animal in the world is? It’s a goldfish. It has 10 seconds of memory. Become a goldfish.”

    NS Jason Sudeikis Said in his Emmy speech, Ted Lasso About mentors, teachers and teammates. And as the audience became aware, the Apple + series has always been mental health conscious.

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    “When it comes to mental health, it was there. It was there forever, but knowing where the character is heading and how important it is to work on your own to help your team. So much happens with Sudeikis, 46. We weekly Other reporters at recent Abbott and Real Madrid events on the New York Stock Exchange. “And I think we were exploring it and trying to embody it in a Trojan horse-like way that this fun and ridiculous little comedy show had a bigger problem.”

    The sports comedy first introduced Ted’s mental health problems when he experienced a panic attack in Season 1. He later told AFC Richmond’s colleagues about his problem and revealed that his father committed suicide as a child. Treatment.

    Jason Sudeikis removes stigma from mental health Ted Lasso

    “Ted Lasso” Season 2 Jeremy Swift is streaming on Apple TV +. Apple TV +

    “People really responded to it,” Sudeikis said. We.. “And thank me, the rest of the cast, and the writing staff for really opening my eyes to the meaning of going to therapy and the meaning of someone in my life going to therapy and just talking. Receive daily messages from those who do. About these things, and about getting rid of stigma from all forms of health, whether it’s nutritional, mental or emotional health. What you can do to help yourself Anything will help the people around you. “

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    Ted grows and heals with the players, but Nate Assistant Coach ( Nick MohammedArmed with coach mental health issues by revealing one of Ted’s panic attacks during the match Independent Trent Klim (acting) James Lance). The dishonest move has set up a new rival storyline that is sure to be explored in Season 3, which is reportedly set to begin production in London in January 2022.

    Ted Lasso Influenced the life of Sudeikis — And a fascinating audience along the way. His words of wisdom (“believe”) and a refreshing outlook on life evoke memes, Halloween costumes, biscuit recipes, and the extraordinary joy and warmth that filled the television void that wasn’t even noticeable from the beginning. rice field.

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    “”Ted LassoProvided a great opportunity to work with loved ones near me, but then gained some of my personal thoughts, feelings and philosophies about life and each other Worked in and offered the opportunity to work with the family in which you were born and to those you choose to be around. And hide those messages in and around jokes and football. That is a big part. ” Sdeikis talked about how the series changed his life. “It also helps things because I’m rewarded for doing it, but it’s actually seeing it affect the lives of others both behind the scenes and on the camera. But what we didn’t expect was a way to influence the people watching it. It was really listening to other stories. “

    Jason Sudeikis removes stigma from mental health Ted Lasso

    “Ted Lasso” Season 2 Brett Goldstein and Juno Temple are streaming on Apple TV +. Apple TV +

    Ted Lasso Also stars Hannah Waddingham, Brett Goldstein, Juno Temple, Brendan Hunt, Jeremy Swift, Toheave Jimmo When Phil Dancer.. In September, he swept the Emmy Awards and won an outstanding comedy series. Leading actor Sudaykis, Wadingham, 47 years old, Best Supporting Actress, Goldstein Best Supporting Actor. NS Saturday night live Alum He is also the show’s co-producer, producer and co-author.

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    Jason Sudeikis “Removes Stigma” About Ted Lasso’s Mental Health

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